Leona Lewis plans autobiography on her very short life

01.07.09 9 years ago

Leona Lewis

One year ago no one knew who she was and, now, she won’t go away. That’s a bit harsh, we know, but doesn’t it seem a bit early for Leona Lewis to be writing her autobiography?

According to a Reuters story posted on her website, Lewis’s autobiography– a rag-to-riches tale of going from a waitress to musical superstar in only a few years-will come out in October. We loved that the story says the autobiography will include 100 new photographs. So basically, Lewis will put out a picture book.

We’re not saying there’s not a story there: Lewis appeared on the U.K.’s “The X-Factor” (a TV talent contest similar to “American Idol), became a fan and Simon Cowell favorite, won the competition and, the next thing you know, she’s sold five million albums worldwide. “Spirit” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s 200, making Lewis the first British female to come in at the top of the album chart. First single “Bleeding Love” was the most-played song in the U.S. last year. However, she’s only 23. Maybe she should wait a few years and live a little more before she reveals all about her life. Granted, Fantasia did the same after appearing on “American Idol” (and even had a TV movie made about her life), but it still seems a little hasty.

Additionally, in what has become a fairly common additional money grab for labels, J Records will release a deluxe CD/DVD version of Lewis’s debut album, “Spirit” on Feb. 3. This is actually a pretty smart move since it will get new product in stores just in term for the Grammys and Valentine’s Day. No word on if she’s performing yet on the big awards show, but odds are that she will. Traditionally, it’s the performers who see a rise in CD sales after the Grammys, not the winners.

“Spirit-The Deluxe Edition” includes all the songs from the original “Spirit,” plus four new songs and seven videos. And, the label breathlessly announces, a 16-page booklet with new photos of Lewis! One of the new audio/video tracks is “Run,” Lewis’s remake of Snow Patrol’s “Run.”
We think these are a great way to snare new fans, but we feel hardcore fans end up buying the same product twice to get the new material. We applaud how Colbie Caillat treated her fans when she released a deluxe version of “Co Co” last summer: fans who already had “Co Co” could simply download the additional material without having to pay for the songs they already had. “Spirit-The Deluxe Edition” will sell for $20.99.

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