Let the Emmy nomination prognostications begin

06.18.09 8 years ago


As you may have noticed, CBS moved the Emmys today, pushing the show back from September 13 to September 20 because nobody thought to glance at a Hollywood event calendar and thus failed to notice that they were head-to-head with the MTV Video Music Awards. Ooops.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is that the nominees for the 61st Emmy Awards will be announced on July 16, which means that Nomination Morn (5:40 a.m. on my coast) is now less than a month away.

So it’s time to put on my prognostication hat, which looks a little bit like the Sorting Hat, except that rather than yelling out “Hufflepuff!” or “Ravenclaw!” at random intervals, it shouts things like “‘Mad Men,’ FTW!” and “Dear Lord, Not Piven Again!”

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be putting up a series of editorial photo galleries showcasing the most likely nominees in the major acting and series categories. Each gallery will be in order from most likely to receive nominations to least. Since the Emmys this year are expanding the fields to six nominees in most categories, you can just assume that the first six people are my guesses for the actual nominees. From there, though, I tried to recognize both plausible dark horses and some people who would get nominations in my ideal world. 

But I didn’t include everybody. 

Because sometimes there just isn’t room or time. 

So I’m sorry if I neglected one or two or seven of your favorites. And feel free to remind me of people I left off and maybe if I agree with you, I’ll add them to the gallery. Sometimes I’m stubborn, but sometimes I’m just forgetful. 

I’ll be doing two or three galleries per week leading up to July 16, starting today with Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Check out my thoughts from Jeremy “The Thermometer” Piven to Brian Baumgartner. 

Emmy Preview 2009 – Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

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