Lil Wayne raps on new Drake and Jay-Z track from prison

06.09.10 8 years ago

While record companies are still scratching their heads over how to overcome sales problems, Lil Wayne and his protege Drake have come up with a solution to that whole creating-art-from-prison thing.

Weezy got a hold of Drake’s song “Light Up” featuring Jay-Z and decided to add his own rap verse to it from behind bars. Calling from a phone at Rikers during Drake’s UStream, he laid down a verse over an industrial-sounding beat, which was recorded and cleaned up for a remix. Drake naturally posted it on YouTube, below.

It doesn’t have Lil Wayne usually wily, wiry rollercoaster inflection, but at least there’s a couple fun lines about his current condition: “I’m feeling like Elvis, ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ … I’m not 2Pac, I’m the new Pac / Behind bars, but the bars don’t stop / Recording over the phone, I hope the call don’t drop / Drizzy got the ball, I know the ball won’t drop/ And I pray none of my kids ever wanna be pop.”

Again: what can’t you do from prison?

Drake’s “Thank Me Later” will come out June 15 featuring “Light Up” with just Jay-Z. No telling what may happen with this phone-a-thon version.

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