Listen: Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus duet on ‘Nothing to Lose’

02.25.10 7 years ago

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Does Billy Ray know about this?  Poison”s Bret Michaels is macking on Daddy”s little girl.

On Michaels’ new power ballad, “Nothing to Lose,” Cyrus minimally chimes in with a few, awkwardly placed and delivered vocalizations before joining Michaels on the chorus.

The song is country rock, not in a great, southern rock, “Freebird” way, but in an overly slick, super-polished way.  The paint-by-numbers story line, which is well-sung by Michaels–we’ll give him that much– details how despite all the scars we carry and armor we wear, we still go back to love”s battlefield again and again. As Michaels asks in the chorus: “Tonight in the darkness with nothing to lose/if the truth is all we could see/If I fall for you, could you fall for me?”

Yeah, about that chorus: Am I the only one creeped out by the fact that this is basically a love duet between a 46 year-old man and a 17-year old girl? Yuck. It’s the stuff  Lifetime movies are made of. Sure, it”s pretty innocent lyrically in some ways and vague, but I get the same feeling listening to it that I got when I watched Taylor Swift shimmy up and down the mike stand while  duetting with Def Leppard”s Joe Elliott during their “Crossroads” taping. Similarly, even though she’s 22, Joss Stone’s duet with Ringo Starr on “Who’s Your Daddy” from his new album is just plain gross.

And what”s the goal and/or appeal here? Is Michaels going after the teen crowd that won’t see him on “Celebrity Apprentice” this season? Good luck with that. Is Cyrus a huge metal band fan, despite the fact that she wasn”t even born until a few years after Poison”s hey day? God in Heaven, please don’t let there be a video for “Nothing to Lose.” 

Apparently, they aren”t done yet. The two are also set to re-do Poison”s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” according to .

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