Listen: Does Adam Lambert’s new single entertain you?

10.30.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Really Adam. This is the best you”ve got for us? “For Your Entertainment,” the first single and title track from Lambert”s debut album shows the “American Idol” runner-up in good vocal form but the song is so generic, we could see  both Britney and Pink passing on it before it fell into Lambert”s hands.

Hear it here.

In fact, you can literally sing Spears” “Womanizer” to the “For Your Entertainment” melody.(It was produced by Spears’ longtime producer Dr. Luke and written by Claude Kelly).

The song is undoubtedly meant to propel Lambert”s black Elvis hairdo, leather jacket, faux bad boy image, but it”s about as dangerous as a set of fake Halloween vampire fangs. There is absolutely nothing to sink your teeth into here.

Tough-boy c”mons like “I”m gonna hurt you real good baby” or  “Do you know what you got into/ can you handle what I”m about to do/”cos it”s about to get rough for you/I”m there for your entertainment” are surrounded by standard, toe-tapping dance beats, sanitized for radio.

Lambert showed much more personality during his “AI” stint. Even the treacly “Time for Miracles” from “2012” is much more interesting than this. We don”t want to believe it”s possible yet that Lambert”s compelling visual style is so much of the package that audio alone isn”t enough to hold our attention.
What do you think?

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