Listen: Does Rihanna get it right with ‘Hard?’

11.06.09 8 years ago

Remember those days when you bought a CD and actually got excited at discovering the songs you hadn”t heard yet? That”s rapidly disappearing. In other words, another day, another song from Rihanna”s “Rated R” has leaked.

“Hard” featuring Young Jeezy is easily the catchiest of the tunes we”ve heard off of the Nov. 23 CD so far. It”s accessible and yet it has an edge.

Written by Tricky Stewart and The Dream, the terrific twosome who brought us “Umbrella,” “Hard” has a much, err, sorry, harder sound than “Umbrella” and is consistent with the tougher, world weary Rihanna displayed so far on “Rated R” tunes “Russian Roulette” and “Wait Your Turn.”  At the same time, it”s the first of the trio that we can actually imagine radio playing as other than a novelty.

Another plus: the slight reggae/dub beat that befits a girl from Barbados and her matching delivery. Just try not to sing “where they at” after listening a few times. Young Jeezy”s rap fits in perfectly and provides a nice contrast to Rihanna”s lighter delivery.

Rihanna”s singing all about, well, herself here. Apparently, she”s the “tougher than a lion” and is “the hottest bitch in heels.” Wanna tell her otherwise?

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