Listen: Katy Perry has a crush in new single ‘Teenage Dream’

07.26.10 7 years ago

Will it be another “California Gurls?” Or is that only in her dreams? Katy Perry”s new single, “Teenage Dream” is a fun, Kylie Minogue-like dance romp about falling in love. “I finally found you, my missing puzzle piece,” she sings. “This is real, so don”t ever look back.” Could she be singing about anyone other than fiancé Russell Brand and the way he makes her feel?

The thumper, which also is redolent of  Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok,” starts off dreamy and explodes into a massive beat. It doesn”t have the immediate ear-worm quality of “California Gurls,” which spent several weeks at No. 1, but is more of a grower in that it slowly seeps into your brain. Ultimately,the title track to her Aug. 24 album may have more staying power as it is less of a novelty song and shows off Perry”s vocals more. It”s available exclusively on iTunes, but here”s a version we found on Youtube below after the track listing.

“Teenage Dream” track listing is:

“Teenage Dream”
“Last Friday Night (TGIF)”
“California Gurls” feat. Snoop Dogg
“Circle The Drain”
“The One that Got Away”
“Who Am I Living For”
“Hummingbird Heartbeat”
“Not Like the Movies”

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