Listen: Major Lazer does its best Beyonce impression on ‘Halo’

02.01.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Didn’t get enough of the lip-service to Beyonce’s “Halo” at the Grammy Awards last night? Major Lazer, one of my favorite album and singles artists from 2009 has tackled the track in its dub-step fashion.

Diplo and Switch add tongue-tripping rap verses from Elephant Man to the loping, sentimental piano melodies, producing a sound that confuses the senses: should I dance or light a candle? Diplo Tweeted about the cover last night, as he mocked the Grammy (or, rather, “GraNNy”) experience. We highly doubt Susan Boyle was busting a move at the club, but thank God for the mental picture.

I’ve always thought “Halo” was a lazier version of “Irreplaceable,” but a less awkward lyric than Rihanna’s um-ba-rella-ella-ella. Lazy nor awkward are words to describe this cover. Click below.

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