Listen: Mariah Carey’s new Christmas single ‘Oh Santa!’

10.01.10 7 years ago 4 Comments


We”re normally adverse to artists trying to create new holiday songs as they always fall flat and we count on one hand the number of really great Christmas songs that have been written since, oh, 1940 (that would be the year that Irving Berlin wrote “White Christmas.”

However, Mariah Carey has decided to deliver a little Christmas bundle early (she”s still keeping mum on that other bundle she supposedly has going on) with “Oh Santa!,” from “Merry Christmas II You.”

The song is one of six(!!) originals on the set,  Carey”s second (obviously) holiday collection created especially for her little lambs. It follows 1994″s “Merry Christmas,” which featured the new standard  “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (we can”t hear that song without thinking of “Love Actually.”)

“Oh Santa” is a fast-paced little ditty about Santa checking his list and deciding to make you mine for Xmas because I can be both naughty and nice. It opens with a “Hey Mickey”-type chant before giving way to a hand-clapper that recalls the Motown-era (sped up a little). We wish she”d held off on the high notes at the end, but they”re in the background so you can try to ignore them. It must be in her contract that she has to do the dog-whistle, high-pitched stuff at least once an album.



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