Listen: Mike Posner’s new single, ‘Please Don’t Go’

07.23.10 7 years ago

In his breakthrough hit “Cooler Than Me,” Mike Posner is chastising a girl from his alma mater, Duke, because she was so practiced at the art of making him feel like he-and every other male without a letter jacket-was not worthy of her.

In his new single, “Please Don”t Go,” which features the same skiffling beat, he”s changed his tune and is begging a girl to stay. Morning has come and he wants to keep the magical spell cast the night before unbroken.  It”s a sweet song, but at some point, radio is going to scream uncle.

Posner is the latest in a new slew of solo male pop artists-B.o.B., Taio Cruz, Drake (to a lesser extent),  Bruno Mars, Jason DeRulo and Jay Sean-who are all-more or less-filling the airwaves with mid-tempo, synthetic, beat-driven tunes about love. If you listen to them all in a row, you”ll come out of the room screaming for real drums and a soaring guitar riff that will make your ears bleed. Music goes in cycles and for a very long time, pop music was dominated by rap/urban leaning males-it still is, but most of these gentlemen, while still combining the two genres, slide more along the pop than the urban side of the spectrum.

Listen for yourself and tell us what you think.

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