Listen: The MCP says a special goodbye to Blake Edwards

12.27.10 7 years ago 6 Comments


In addition to a regular podcast this week, Scott and I decided to record a special tribute to Blake Edwards.

I know I published my own tribute to him last week, called “Seven Things Blake Edwards Taught Me,” but this was also a conversation I wanted to have with Scott.  When we first met back in ’86, we were at that age where we were using VHS to mainline movies, learning about directors and actors by watching whole filmographies.  We used to star in an on-camera movie review show on our high school’s closed-circuit TV channel, and one of the movies we reviewed in our first season was “That’s Life.”  At this point, that’s become a missing Blake Edwards movie, pretty much forgotten and not really in circulation.

For someone who knows Edwards’s work and who knows something about his life, “That’s Life” is a mess, but it’s also very revealing and nakedly autobiographical.  To a sixteen year old who only really knew the “Pink Panther” films and “Victor/Victoria,” it was nearly incomprehensible.  Like many of the films we reviewed back then, we just weren’t equipped to make sense of what we were watching.

Now, years later, Scott and I have over 20 years of shared Blake Edwards fandom between us, and we’ve had conversation after conversation about various films of his and aspects of those films and aspects of his filmmaking.  I wanted to try to preserve some of that and communicate some of the love that we have for his work

I find that when you break down his work, it almost always turns into a game of naming your favorite sequences and trying to figure out why they have such a hold on you.  There are jokes of his and moments that are among my favorite things that have ever been staged in movies, and sharing one last hour with Scott sharing those things was a great way for us to wrap up the podcast for the year.

We may sneak in one more, but if we don’t, there will be plenty of podcasts in 2011, and we’ll be trying some exciting new things with the format in the very near future.  Thanks for listening, and you can find the show on iTunes as well as embedded below and as a direct download.

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