Listen to Gorillaz’ free iPad album ‘The Fall’

12.27.10 7 years ago

As promised, Brit band Gorillaz released a new set for free on Christmas this year. “The Fall” — recorded on tour during the fall this year as the group toured North America — was crafted entirely on the iPad, with the use of nearly two dozen iPad applications in addition to live instruments.

Each track corresponds to a different U.S. city, making it a tour diary of sorts, though dynamically the set doesn’t seem to vary. It sounds mostly like Damon Albarn has his hands on some new toys and didn’t settle on any one favorite.

Clash cohorts Mick Jones and Paul Simonon are in the mix, as is another “Plastic Beach” contributor Bobby Womack. Oh and hey there’s a cameo from Archie McPhee Yodelling Pickle on “Seattle Yodel.” You’re welcome.

Seems like “The Fall” will be up for free indefinitely, for stream, and fan club members get a download of the thing. My favorite part of it is the ad for Microsoft’s newest Explorer browser at the bottom of just one long cheerleader chant for Apple iPad.

Click here to check out the set.

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