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AP Photo/ Matt Sayles

There have already been some surprises at the red carpet, but we’re gonna get a lot more during the show itself.

Usually, this prognotiscator is at a party in the hills, but we’re taking a break this year to watch it with a number of Indiewire peeps and a good buddy from Variety.  So, get ready for some very catty responses.

You’ve been warned.

5:03 PM PST

Tim Gunn is asking Amy Adams movie questions.  Sort of odd.

5:05 PM PST

Woot. Sarah Jessica Parker is in the house as Jess Cagle of EW interviews her and Matthew Broderick.  Could a “Sex and the City” shout out be in the works for tonight’s show?

5:09 PM PST

Gunn interviewing Valentino, who has a documentary about his life “Valentino: The Last Emperor” headint to theaters.  I am guessing most people would like to see Robin Roberts who is with the entire “Slumdog Millionaire” cast.  It’s really great all the kids could make it.

5:16 PM PST

What a star rundown.  Robert Downey, Jr., Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet and Viola Davis all in a row.  Short and sweet, but they are pushing the star power.

Anyone notice all the movie ads this year?  The Academy lowered their restriction against theatrical advertising and we’ve already seen adds for “Angels and Demons” and “Knowing.” 

5:20 PM PST

Cagle with Meryl Streep and her daughter.  Is this her first red carpet? “Oh, no. I’ve done this a number of times before.”  Priceless.

5:29 PM PST

Nice piece on Michael Gaccinno, the show’s musical director, hyping up his take on the show’s score and the production designer describing the 100,000 crystals that make up the show’s curtain. 

Now its time for the big show.

Thousands of hours of campaigning, screenings, TV spots, ADs, screaming publicists and more behind-the-scenes drama then you’d ever believe.

5:34 PM PST

Wow. That is one pretty set.

Jackman comes out for some quick comments. Uh oh, he’s doing an opening monolugue.  He promises an opening number.  “His own tribute to this year’s films.” Um, “Your craigslist dancers”?  Yeah, that flew over everyone’s head. He grabs Anne Hathaway from the audience.  That’s a nice bit. She’s auditioning for her first musical number.  Hathaway should host next year! Sweet moment for Hathaway.  Don’t really get “The Reader” bit, but it’s short thankfully.  And he fit in a shout out to “Wolverine.”  Fox is happy and so is the audience with a standing ovation.

5:43 PM PST

Streep gets a shout out from Jackman and she winces at being reminded of the 15 times she’s already been nominated.  We get a nice rundown of many of the past Supporting Actress winners.  Look at that. Five previous Best Supporting Actress winners on stage.  Eva, Whoopi, Tilda, Goldie and Angelica.  Nice touch.

The nominees are already crying! Whoopi has a nice nun tie in. And kudos for a former host appearing as a presenter.  Who knew she had such a big tatoo?  Fodder for The View on Monday!

One question: What is up with Goldie Hawn’s breasts? Is her dress too tight or what?

Winner: Penelope Cruz.

Personally, I thought Davis was going to upset, but you can’t knock this great win by Cruz.  And a very touching and heartfelt speech.

5:56 PM PST

Tina Fey and Steve Martin come out and knock the crowd out. You gotta say, the presentation and look of the show is freakin’ first rate.

Dustin Lance Black wins Best Original Screenplay.  He says all the right thing in his speech.  Well said.

Simon Beaufoy wins Best Adapted Screenplay for “Slumdog Millionaire.” First of many wins for “Slumdog” tonight.  It’s been a long road for Beaufoy since his last nomination in 1997 for “The Full Monty.”

6:06 PM PST

Great DreamWorks/Pixar joke by Jack Black.  We get our first movie “Yearbook.” WALL E pulls out an Oscar tape.  Who ever thought “Space Chimps” would weasel it’s way on the Oscars? Nice shot of all the characters behind him.  Who ever thought we’d see Kung Fu Panda and Wall E in the same animated frame?

Your winner: “WALL E” (and correctly pronounced by Aniston too!) Pixar wins again!

Black and Aniston are back with some truly witter banter.  They should host next year!  But, no, it’s just the Best Animated Short category.

Your Winner: Surprise.  “Les Maisons en petit cubes.”  Not the winner most were expecting including myself. 

Wait: did the winner just qoute a Styx song?

6:18 PM PST

James Bond and Carrie together! Nice. They actually kept both’s participation secret. And, again, another great set.  At the least, it’s gonna be hard for other Oscar producers to top these looks.

Art Direction goes to: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  Yep, the only love Fincher’s movie is gonna get this year is in the technical categories.

Fincher just described as a “wonderful human being.” A rare statement in Hollywood.

Costume Design goes to: “The Dutchess.” Just as I predicted (makes up for getting Cruz wrong).

Make Up goes to: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  Not a surprise although that work on Blanchett at the beginning and end was scarily bad.

6:28 PM


(He looks scared out of his mind.)

And it’s time for a look at romance through the Academy “yearbook.”  And not only does it have a song actually from the past decade (finally), it has a gay kiss too! 

I wonder where Hugh is. It’s been awhile…

6:34 PM PST

He’s back and he’s introducing Ben Stiller nad Natalie Portman.  Stiller doing a Joaquin Phoenix joke.  Portman looks like she’s trying not to laugh and then finally breaks down as Stiller/Joaquin wanders around the stage.

And the Oscar for Best Cinemtography: “Slumdog Millionaire.” As predicted…especially after the American Society of Cinematographer’s win.

6:42 PM PST

Jessica Biel tries to make us believe the Scientific and Technical Awards are worth our time.  Thankfully, she isn’t on screen too long.

6:45 PM PST

Judd Apatow’s short film with James Franco and Seth Rogen reprising their “Pineapple Express” categories.  Laughing at “The Reader.” That’s awesome. Franco looking at Franco in “Milk.” Double awesome. Janusz Kaminski hangs with them. Triple awesome.

Janusz! Hit of the show!

Best Original Live Action Short: “Toyland.”  Sadly, these wins by Holocaust films are too predictable.  It’s really the honest truth. It’s a good movie, but not the best of the bunch. Easy pick for your pool.

6:55 PM

Change is here! The musical has taken over! 

It’s the Hugh Jackman Baz Luhrmann musical number.  And we get Beyonce and sexy girls in tuxedo outfits.  Here comes Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Seifrriend. Wait, is Zac Efron there?  Oh, yes.  A homage to “High School Musical.”

O.K. That was dissappointing. Seriously dissapointing.  They needed Baz for that?

7:04 PM PST

Time for Best Supporting Actor.  And no Javier Bardem.  Word was he couldn’t make it.  Mix that in with the rumors he “was” dating Penelope Cruz and figure that out for yourself.

Alan Arkin mispronounces Philip Seymour Hoffman’s name. Ouch.

And we get a shot of John Mayer with Jennifer Aniston as the camera looks in at Josh Brolin and Diane Lane. 

Cuba Gooding, Jr. has a nice “Shaft” joke for Robert Downey, Jr.  Any attention for Cuba is good for Cuba.  Brotha needs work!

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger for “The Dark Knight.”

The Ledger family makes its way to the stage in the midst of a standing ovation.  The entire country of Australia and geeks everywhere are on the edge of their seat.

The stars look more emotional in the audience than the family does.  Sort of bizarre. Poignant shots of his former co-star Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie who seem truly moved.  A nice shot out for Ledger’s daugther Matilda.

7:15 PM

Quick jump to Werner Herzog as the Doc “Yearbook” begins.  Overall, these segements have been much less painful than in previous years.

Here comes Bill Mahr, star and co-producer of “Religulous,” to give out the documentary awards.

And the winner for Best Feature Documentary: “Man on Wire.”  Whoo hoo.  The directors invite Philippee himself to com up on stage.  Let’s hope he doesn’t try a stunt!  And Philipee performs two magic tricks.  Great, great stuff. Who knew the doc category could be so fun?

The winner of Best Documentary Short is: “Smile Pinki”  Um, somewhat of an upset.  And the director looks stunned too!

7:28 PM PST

Nice action montage.  Gotta love the Iron Man.

Will Smith! Another show surprise.

Best Visual Effects: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  Well done gentlemen, although I had a soft spot in my heart for “iron Man.” Digital Domain’s first big win quite awhile.

Now, after a Smith flub, it’s time for Sound Editing.  The winner is: “The Dark Knight.”  Way to go Batman.

Best Sound Mixing goes to: “Slumdog Millionaire.”  Geez, anyone think it’s not gonna win Best Picture?  “WALL-E” got robbed here.

Smith, “They still have me here.  I believe Hugh is napping.” Ouch. Well, they are saving time with grouping Film Editing here.

And the winner for Best Film Editing: “Slumdog Millionaire.” Now, be honest, were you really surprised?

Trivia note: Chris Dickens got his shot directing “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” for Edgar Wright.  And now he’s an Oscar winner.  Imagine. Good guy too.

7:45 PM PST

Jerry Lewis Lifetime Achievement award and appropriately, Eddie Murphy, who remade his “Nutty Professor” character (with a third one in the works), presents.

Lewis looks odd as he walks out to his standing ovation, but he gives a classy and very, very short speech.

7:56 PM PST

Efron and Keys come out on the podium. Is there a closet around? They announce best original score: A. R. Rahman, “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Rahman gives a shout out to my peeps at ID-PR! Nice.

Now it’s time for Best Original Song nominees…and stepping in for Peter Gabriel is John Legend.  And now it’s “Jai Ho!”  (Suggestion: add it to your ipod. Great to run to!)  Interesting mix mash at the end.  The mixing seemed off, but great idea.

And the winner is: “Jai Ho” and “Slumdog Millionaire.” It’s only lost one award so far!  A. R. Rahman is now a two-time Oscar winner.  Imagine that!

8:09 PM PST

Box office superstar Liam Neeson and Freida Pinto present Best Foreign Language Film.

Best Froeign Language FIlm: ABSOLUTE STUNNER. “Departures” from Japan wins!  Regent Entertainment has an Academy Award winner!  AMAZING.  Again, STUNNING.   Biggest upset of tehe night.

8:14 PM PST

Queen Latifah sings “I’ll Be Singing You” as we remember the movie industry’s fallen. Nice shot of Ricardo Monteblan as Kahn. And of course, Paul Newman. Very, very, very nice.

8:21 PM PST

Reese Witherspoon steps out to present Best Director. Her dress is interesting, but she’s funny and always a crowd-pleaser.

And the winner is: Danny Boyle, “Slumdog Millionaire.”

He jumps on stage like Tigger in “Winnie the Pooh.” Thanks the show (nice). Stephen Daldry looks annoyed in the audience. His time will come.  You’ve come a long way from the outsider filmmaker in “Trainspotting.”  Way to go.  Great speech too.

8:27 PM PST

Which five Best Actress winners will be there?

Sophie Lauren, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotilliard and Shirley MacLaine. To a standing ovation!  Fantastic!  Great moment.

Omigod. How much work has Sophie had done?  Dearl lord.

And the winer goes to: Kate Winslet, “The Reader.” Finally!!!! Angelina looks genuinely happy for her. Welcome to the club girl and no, it’s not a shampoo bottle now. Great moment with Winslet’s dad.  Wow, shout out to Peter Jackson for her first big role.  And a wonderful moment when she tells Meryl she has to just “suck it up.”

(Interesting, no thanks to Harvey Weinstein.  Hmmmm.)

Which actors will we get to present?

Robert De Niro, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins, Adrien Brody and Michael Douglas. Another standing ovation.

Best line of the night: “How did he do it? How did Sean Penn get all those roles playing straight men?”

And the winner is: Sean Penn, “Milk.” As, cough, predicted. 

Great run by Rourke, but it’s hard to overcome that SAG loss. 

Another great line: “You commie loving, homo-loving sons of guns.”

Second great line: “I know how hard it is to appreciate me often.”

Way to go Sean to bring up Prop 8.  Thank you. And a great shout out to Mickey Rourke.

And here to present Best Picture, Steven Spielberg. Sigh.

Nice montage of comparing current nominees to past Oscar winners and nominees.

And the winner is?  Is there any doubt?

“Slumdog Millionaire.”

Great image of the whole cast up on stage.  Especially the young kids from Mumbai.  A great underdog story. A movie that was almost dumped on DVD wins 6 Academy Awards.  Pretty amazing when you think about it.

The final images of the clips of upcoming movies from 2009 had our first looks at “Public Enemies,” “Amelia” and “The Boat That Rocked.” Not bad.  Let’s hope it stays a tradition.

Hope you guys enjoyed the recap.  Not a bad show considering the lack of drama.

What do you think of this year’s Academy Awards show?  Share your thoughts below.

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