New ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ footage rocks the web

04.18.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks


Michael Bay has explained what happened, and it turns out neither Vimeo or Paramount are the culprits here.

“The Showest footage was pulled down because it was just a 12-hour thing.

I just wanted the fans to get a taste of what we have been making for a year and a half because we have been so quiet. The piece was cut about a month ago for this Showest thing I accepted this past month – so as you can see many of the shots were far from being finished renders. This dinky little site received over 1,500,000 hits and 550,000 downloads in this short time. Anyway the trailer is being printed today and coming out on Wolverine and Star Trek. 64 days left!


So I guess we’ll look forward to the new trailer, and enjoy having seen the ShoWest thing without having to go to Vegas.


It appears that Vimeo, the hosting service for the embedded clip, took it off their servers today as a TOS violation.

Keep in mind, Michael Bay posted the video.  Not someone else.

We’re checking to see if it’s going to be reposted anywhere.  If it is, we’ll have it back up in this article ASAP.


Um, wow.

I think Michael Bay is a guy who knew early on exactly what sort of films he wanted to be making, and I think with each picture, he gets closer to what it is he’s got in his head.  I know many people love “The Rock,” but it’s an incoherent script that got classed up by some likable actors.  I personally like “Bad Boys II,” but I like it as an example of what happens when you remove moral concern and financial responsibility from the equation.

Honestly, I think “Transformers” might be the best fit of filmmaker to material in recent memory, at least in this mega-budget world.  Bay and his writers blend broad comedy, genuine spectacle, and a scale of chaos that most filmmakers would have no idea how to stage, and the result is probably going to be the biggest grossing film of 2009.

Don’t believe me?

Then you haven’t seen the footage that they premiered at ShoWest this year, because if you had, you’d know exactly why this one’s going to be so incredibly huge.

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*Exclusive* Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Footage from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

See what I mean?  I know ’80s kids get mad about the humor in these films, but keep in mind, these are the same kids who cried when Optimus Prime died in the mind-bogglingly terrible “Transformers: The Movie” back in the mid-80s.  I screened that a few years ago at CineSpace, and it’s beyond wretched, and filled with “comedy” that makes anything in the Bay films look like the biting wit of P.G. Wodehouse.

I think Bay’s getting better at what he does, and if that’s the case, then I expect “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” to be one hell of a wild ride when it hits theaters later this summer.

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