Miller to ravage another comic icon

12.22.08 9 years ago 4 Comments

AP Photo/Joel Ryan

The early reviews for Frank Miller”s solo directorial debut, “The Spirit,” have been less than stellar, but that hasn”t stopped Odd Lot Entertainment, the company that produced the film from teaming up with the visionary once again.   And, as he”s done with Wil Eisner”s classic character it appears Miller is once again looking to revamp an old school icon.  However, this time around, “Buck Rogers” will be the object of Miller”s affection.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Odd Lot has obtained the rights to the outer space adventurer stories from NuImage/Millennium who themselves only brokered a deal from the rights holders earlier this year.  Miller will write and direct his own take on the 1930″s serial and is expected to turn it into a darker tale and include many of his signature themes such as corruption and redemption.  Rumors have circulated that Miller and Robert Rodriguez were finally going to begin production on the long awaited “Sin City II” this year, but it appears “Rogers” will be the filmmaker”s next project.

Created by Philip Frances Nowlan in 1928, Buck Rogers” origin has changed significantly over the years, but he”s always been a contemporary hero who woke up in the futuristic 25th Century to battle alien races who threatened our planet.  Many remember the 1979-1981 NBC TV series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” which featured Gil Gerard as a Rogers decked out in skintight white satin jumpsuits, “Star Wars”-like starfighters and the bizarrely comical robot Twiki.  There is little doubt Miller”s interpretation will be decidedly different.

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