Minus the Bear subtracts its record label, Suicide Squeeze

05.16.09 9 years ago

Erin Tate

Indie darling Minus the Bear has split with its label home, Suicide Squeeze, Hitfix has confirmed. The band released four albums on the Seattle-based label, including its 2002 album debut, Highly Refined Pirates,” and 2007’s “Planet of Ice.”

The Seattle-based rock band is in the studio with Grammy-winning producer Joe Chicarelli, best known for his work with My Morning Jacket and The White Stripes. The quartet is paying for the recording of the album themselves and then will shop it around to various labels. What this means is that they’ll license the project to a label, but the masters will belong to the band with the label paying for the right to exploit the project for a set number of years. It’s a smart business move. The album is slated to come out this fall.

In the meantime, Minus the Bear fans can get their fix from “Acoustics,” a seven-track EP available online only.

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