Movie Power Rankings: ‘Iron Man 2’ gets ready to blast into the record books

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Marvel Studios

There was little doubt “Iron Man 2” was going to top this week’s power rankings.  Fans have been clamoring or a sequel since “Iron Man’s” opening weekend two years ago.  Marvel Studios made it happen — and quickly — which might be why the final result is a little less polished and a little less fresh, but it’s certainly going to satisfy the masses. And for many, it will satisfy them more than once.

Where Tony Stark (aka Robert Downey, Jr.) goes next seems to be “The Avengers.”  Marvel’s president Kevin Feige won’t confirm reports Joss Whedon is on board to direct the ensemble superhero movie, but the studio is sticking by it’s May 4, 2012 release date for now.  So, can fans wait another two years for their third Iron Man fix?  We’re guessing with a couple of rumored cameos in “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” they’ll be primed for an “Iron Man 3” in say, 2014?

As for this week’s rankings, we’ve got lots of familiar faces in new places.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1. “Iron Man 2” (last week no. 2)
Reviews? Who needs those?  The closer opening day gets the more intense the hype on just how big it can open becomes.

2. “The Twilight Saga” (last week no. 1)
Bill Condon is confirmed as the director of “Breaking Dawn,” Condon sends an open letter to the fans, two new photos of “Eclipse” hit the web and did anyone notice the franchise has 5.6 million friends on Facebook?

3. “X-Men: First Class” (not ranked)
Matthew Vaughn may have made this a legit movie to watch out for.  If he’s directing it, which may or may not be the case.  Biggest question: will he get final cut?

4. J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg Secret Project (not ranked)
Wait, a secret project from J.J. Abrams? No way! Say it isn’t so.  How he does it in this digital age is beyond this pundit. He must have the best NDA ever.

5. “Batman 3” (not ranked)
We have a release date of July 20, 2012, but is there a finished script?

6. “Anchorman 2” (not ranked)
Paramount is balking at making a sequel to the beloved comedy for more than $40 million.  Meanwhile, they’ll jump on a “Footloose” remake directed by Craig Brewer.  O.K., then.

7. “Thor” (not ranked)
Your first look of the God of Thunder deserves a sincere “wow.”

8. “Superman” (not ranked)
IMAX and Warner Bros. say a new Christopher Nolan produced Man of Steel adventure is coming.  Of course, it’s not like we’ve haven’t heard that before…

9. Lionsgate (not ranked)
Court battles, poison pills and takeover threats make this one Carl Ichan drama that seemingly never ends. 

10. “How To Train Your Dragon” (last week no. 6.)
It’s really the Energizer dragon!  It keeps going and going and going…

11. “Robin Hood” (same)
A $45-50 million opening would be superb for a Russell Crowe movie in 2010…if it wasn’t rumored to cost $200 million.

12. “Sex and the City 2” (same)
There has to be some explanation for this final poster of Carrie and Co. right?  It won’t matter.  Tickets are still selling briskly.

13. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (last week no. 7)
How do you drop in the power rankings after opening at the top of the box office? You make less than “Freddy vs. Jason” which opened almost seven years ago.

14. “Inception” (last week no. 10)
New poster embedded below continues Nolan’s bizarre track record of disappointing key art. For a man whose films are so purposely designed, why such an uninspired image?

15.  “Avatar” (last week no. 3)
It’s broken records on DVD and Blu-ray and Fox is still running commercials.  I mean, when you’re that much in profit, why not?

Dropping like a rock…

The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

*When a promotional partner like IndieWire starts ripping your film slate and everyone forgets the festival is even up and running after opening night, you’ve got big problems.

“Furry Vengeance”
*I mean, what is there to say really?

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Leonardo DiCaprio in final poster for Christopher Nolan's Inception

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