Music Power Rankings: Lady Gaga and ‘Glee’ battle for No. 1

10.09.10 7 years ago

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It feels a bit like we”re in topsy-turvy land in the music industry this week as the “Glee” cast surpasses the Beatles for charting the most songs on the Billboard 100 by a non-solo act and Lady Gaga lands in the Top 10 of Forbes” list of most powerful women alongside Michele Obama and ahead of Supreme Court justices. In a year when ticket sales take a nose dive, England”s Glastonbury Festival manages to sell 140,000 ducats without announcing a single participating act.

1. “Glee” (not ranked):  The cast of “Glee” breaks the Beatles” record for most songs by a non-solo act on the Billboard Hot 100. My guitar–and every other part of me–gently weeps.

2. Lady Gaga (not ranked): She comes in at No. 7 on Forbes” list of the 100 Most Powerful Women.In.The.World.  Imagine how high she”d rank if she actually put on some clothes instead of just swanning around in her bra and panties.

3. Glastonbury Festival (not ranked): The venerable British summer festival sells out 140,000 tickets in four hours without any acts being announced.   We say the festival shouldn”t announce the participating artists and just let people be surprised when they show up (although we all know U2 will most likely headline to make up for its cancellation this past summer).

4. Kenny Chesney (not ranked): Country superstar not only comes in at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week, he manages pull off an almost impossible feat in this current climate of incredibly shrinking album sales: “Hemingway”s Whiskey” sells more in its first week than his previous album.

5. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (not ranked): Their haunting, edgy score for “The Social Network” has Oscar buzz. There”s not a big enough Like button for this. We need a Love button.

6. Nas (not ranked): In a rambling, clumsily written email to executives at his label, Def Jam, over his frustration about his album”s release being delayed, the rapper still manages to strike a few on-target blows (especially the line about the executives thinking ‘they are the stars.”) Even better, he gives the music industry a brand new unintentionally hilarious tag line: “Stop throwing dog shit on a MAGICAL moment.”

7. Irving Azoff (not ranked):  The Live Nation executive chairman joins radio giant Clear Channel”s board of directors. Azoff must be part octopus–he has his tentacles in every part of the music industry.

8. Santana (not ranked): With the arrival of his “Guitar Heaven…The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time” at No. 5 on  the Billboard 200 last week, the guitar legend joins the Rolling Stones as the only act to score at least one Top 10 album in every decade starting with the ’60s.  Does that honor come with a life-time AARP membership?

9. Apple (not ranked): In the scramble to keep its dominance in the digital market–as Google, Sony and Spotify all attempt to steal its crown, Apple moves closer to offering subscription service for iTunes (and idea it had previously been resistant to), according to the NY Post. Anything to keep its core.

10. Tommy Mottola (not ranked): The colorful former Sony Music chief inks a deal to pen his autobiography. Between the stories of his marriage to Mariah and his dealings with Billy Joel alone, this should be a best seller.

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