Music Trend-Watch: What’s hot and what’s not in 2010

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More than 20,000 albums come out every year, the vast majority of which are bought only by the artist’s mother… but given the vast numbers, you would think it would be easy to ascertain some kinds of trends in music.

Not so. While it’s sometimes clear which way the wind blows — we can definitely predict that country labels will be signing Taylor Swift clones for the foreseeable future — it’s generally pretty hard to figure out what’s going to catch on.
But for fun, and because we had so much fun reading our colleague Greg Ellwood’s take on “Movies 2010: What’s Hot and What’s Not,”  we decided to come up with a few ideas of our own. Will the seriousness of the recession be replaced with a renewed sense of joy in entertainment? How will  live shows hold a candle to TV shows? And shall auto-tune, as Jay-Z predicted, be extinguished?

Some predictions are in jest, others… we mean it. Which will permeate the charts and your iPod (or, shall we say, your Apple Tablet)?

What’s In  What’s Out
Danny Gokey Adam Lambert
Serious fun with Janelle Monae Capital-S Serious from Alicia Keys
Real singers singing Auto-tune
Soundgarden’s comeback No Doubt’s reunion
Songs written specifically for film Soundtracks with all-new material
Ke$ha stealing Lady GaGa’s spotlight Kanye stealing Taylor’s thunder
Paperless concerts Paper concert tickets
Lilith Fair Coachella
A silent night Susan Boyle’s “Silent Night”
Apple tablet PC turntable iPod-as-DJ-deck
Daniel Merriweather Robin Thicke
Sade’s comeback Britney Spears’ comeback
A la carte record deals 360 record deals
Vevo YouTube
Michael Jackson dance-offs Michael Jackson cover song tributes
“Crystal” band names “Wolf” band names
Usher Maxwell
Renewed interest in The Runaways, Joan Jett Interest in The Jonas Brothers’ love life
Natty Light PBR
Liquor ads in CD liner notes Rapper rapping about booze
Artists petitioning for same-sex marriage Artists aligning with Obama
Outkast Black Eyed Peas
Album art and colored vinyl Vinyl as wall art
David Byrne / Fatboy Slim merger Live Nation / Ticketmaster merger
“Jay-Z-meets-Grizzly-Bear” Lil Wayne with Kevin Rudolf
Against Me! wails Owl City whines
John Mayer stops Googling himself Justin Bieber’s Tweets
Discovering acts by seeing them in clubs Discovering acts via “American Idol” 
The omnipresence of Kristin Chenoweth Queen Latifah everywhere, always
Heartfelt music-based movies like “Crazy Heart” Overblown musicals like “Nine”

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