My DVD Shelf: Sold Out: A Threevening With Kevin Smith

01.07.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

You know, it’s not even really what Kevin Smith talks about that makes him such an interesting public speaker… it’s the way he tells a story.  It’s almost like everything else he does, whether it be his filmmaking or his family or his comic book store, is simply there to provide fodder for the moments where Kevin is 100%, and that appears to be onstage in front of a crowd.

In fact, this DVD was shot at his 37th birthday party, held at a theater in New Jersey, and it’s basically just Kevin shooting the shit with several hundred of his closest friends for several hours in the filthiest possible manner.  I used to think I had a dirty mouth, but Kevin Smith makes me sound like a virgin nun by comparison.  And when it comes to how much is too much to share, Smith doesn’t seem to have any limits at all.  He tells a story here about his dual bout with hemmorhoids and jury duty that is hilarious but just vile.  I think my favorite stories of his are the ones that deflate the idea that everyone in Hollywood knows what they’re doing, like the stories about “Live Free Or Die Hard,” which all ring true in a way that very little about Hollywood ever does.

This is the third of the stand-up DVDs that Smith has released, and there’s little middle ground here:  either you’re going to enjoy sitting down and listening to him hold forth on whatever topics cross his mind, or you’ll be in agony from start to finish.  These are not movies.  They’re not particularly structured.  It’s just a testament to the particular cult of personality that Smith has so carefully cultivated, and as such, the disc is almost insanely overstuffed.

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