My DVD Shelf: ‘Step Brothers’ (BluRay)

12.23.08 9 years ago

Columbia Pictures

Here’s my original review of “Step Brothers” on Ain’t It Cool.

I know I sound like a broken record on the Judd Apatow thing, but it’s true:  these guys take full advantage of what DVD and BluRay have to offer.  “Walk Hard” was the first disc I saw with real BD Live content enabled, made possible by them shooting so much footage on each of their films that they always have more they can share, and also by the fact that they’re so engaged in shooting new and unique material for each of their discs.  In the world of film comedy, they’re absolutely the best at the whole package, and the BD Live music video editor that’s exclusive to the 2-disc unrated Blu release is cool.  It’s rudimentary compared to what I’m sure BluRay is capable of, but it’s a fun show-off feature for now.

The single best special feature on the disc, though, is the commentary.  It’s hard to describe just how bizarre it is, but I’ll offer this as a partial explanation:  composer Jon Brion performs the original score.  For the commentary.  That’s right.  The majority of the commentary is performed in freestyle song by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and John C. Reilly, and until you’ve heard them do a full length song about the guy who made Will’s $10,000 fake nutsack, you haven’t truly experienced STEP BROTHERS.

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