‘New Moon’ director Weitz names next project

07.27.09 8 years ago

“Twilight Saga: New Moon” director Chris Weitz is ready for a different speed, now that filming and finishing the soon-to-be mega-hit is just around the corner.

“I’m rather lazy and I get tired after a while, waking up at six in the morning,” he laughed during roundtable interviews at the San Diego Comic-Con. Instead, he’s decided to take up a “small movie,” after this one’s out.

“It’s called ‘The Gardener’ and it’s about a Mexican gardener,” Weitz said. “And I’m not joking. It sounds like a joke movie, but it’s not.”

Directing the third “Twilight” movie was out of the question, “impossible without serious disjunction” due to scheduling. But he said there will be some noticable stylistic differences between the first film, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and his “New Moon.”

“I like classical films, I’m kinda an old fogey in that way. Catherine… is very much more contemporary. This will look and feel like an old romance.”

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