New music video: Jay-Z’s ‘D.O.A.’

06.29.09 8 years ago

Roc Nation/Atlantic

While much of the rest of the focus at the BET Awards on Sunday were on Michael Jackson, his legacy, his family and all the artists who cared to honor him, Jay-Z made a little headway on his own. Directly after the ceremony, at which Hov made a performance, the music network premiered the video for “D.O.A.,” the first single from Jay-Z forthcoming “Blueprint 3” (Roc Nation/Atlantic).

The video itself isn’t anything mind-boggling, but does a nice spin on the concept of “gangster.” Jay-Z is seen playing ball with LeBron James, talking trash at a game of poker with Harvey Keitel and some old white mob-looking cats, getting chaffeured by Warner Bros. CEO Lyor Cohen and just generally rapping a basement somewhere. Interstitial clips of bright-colored hoodies, branded champagne and gaudy chains getting blown up are thrown in for good measure.

We already told you what we thought of this song. And we also estimated it will be one of this summer’s biggest jams. But this music video (directed by Anthony Mandler) is as mellow and murky of a beatdown as the track itself.

Is this a clip you think you’ll be watching over and over again this summer?

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