Not a Trekkie? Meet the cast of ‘Next Day Air’

05.07.09 8 years ago

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The movie that’s been getting the most hype this week happens to be this little flick called “Star Trek,” but also hitting theaters is a pleasantly inspired comedy titled“Next Day Air.”

The feature debut of director Benny Boom who is better known for his music videos for Nas, 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole and Busta Rhymes, “Air” is not your typical urban comedy.  A case of a drug shipment gone wrong, the picture owes more of its style and feel to an inner city version of a Guy Ritchie movie.  In many ways, it feels like “Snatch” in the hood, but without as many whiplash camera movements.  No matter how it does in theaters, expect it’s notirety to grow as a cult favorite over time.  At the least, it proves that Boom deserves more feature work.

HitFix talked to the cast last month including Donald Faison (“Scrubs”), Wood Harris (“The Wire’), Mike Epps (who doesn’t know Mike Epps?) and newcomers Yasmin Deliz and Cisco Reyes about shooting the flick which has been an underdog in many ways since first time screenwriter Blair Combs came up with the idea.

Plus, check out a short clip of Faison discussing his thoughts on a new season of “Scrubs.”

“Next Day Air” opens nationwide May 8.

Donald Faison on “Next Day Air”

Donald Faiston on the future of “Scrubs”

Wood Harris and Mike Epps on “Next Day Air”

Cisco Reyes and Yasmin Deliz on “Next Day Air”

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