Oscar Watch: ‘Crazy’ Heart’ shows its heart and ‘Nine’s’ Kate Hudson dazzles

11.17.09 8 years ago

Fox Searchlight

To say that Scott Cooper’s “Crazy Heart” is a late entry to the Oscar race is an understatement.  Over a month ago the drama was expected to premiere at Sundance in January.  Instead, Fox Searchlight has taken a chance and is throwing Jeff Bridges’ great performance as a down and out country singer/songwriter into the Best Actor race by releasing it next month.

The movie’s trailer premiered on Apple’s trailer showcase tonight.  What’s most striking about it, besides teasing that Gyllenhaal also delivers something special, is how sweet the film’s title track is.  “The Weary Kind (the Theme from “Crazy Heart”)” is a beautiful tune written and performed by up and coming country/Americana singer Ryan Bingham. In a competitive year, “Weary Kind” has put itself smack dab in the middle of the Best Original Song race (and were talking just to get nominated folks).  Expect the buzz to keep building with Searchlight going full blast with screenings of “Crazy Heart” as they aren’t afraid to show their wares unlike (cough) some studios…

In any case, “Heart” is one to watch when it opens in select theaters on Dec. 16.

Another contender released a new trailer tonight and it’s none other than Rob Marshall’s “Nine.” This preview is a major extension of the Kate Hudson number Awards Campaign discussed yesterday for the new song “Cinema Italiano.”  Have to say, while it may not make a lot of sense in the context of the movie it’s a lot more impressive below than it was in the cut down version on Entertainment Tonight. Can anyone remember the last time Kate Hudson looked like she was having so much fun on the big screen? See for yourself below. [This will most likely be in front of “The Twilight  Saga: New Moon” this weekend.  Wonder what the kiddies will think?]

What do you think of the new “Crazy Heart” and “Nine” trailers? Share your thoughts below.

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