Recap: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ – ‘New York Women’

04.14.10 8 years ago

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Eight girls are left in Cycle 14 of “America’s Next Top Model”. At the top of episode No. — what, 6, is it? — it looks like Raina and Jessica may be the fledgling modelettes to beat. Crazy Alasia is a good stealth contender, with her amazing combination of toddler-esque behavior, cuckoo wardrobe choices and yet, brilliant modeling work. And then there”s Octomom, I mean, Angelea. She can occasionally model, but she”s as horrendous in the personality department as Alasia.

[Full recap of Wednesday’s (April 14) “America’s Next Top Model” after the break…]

The first TyraMail of the week hints at runway or go-see work. Alasia also seems to have a problem with time management and holds up the whole group while she showers and hunts for an apple. Could this be a theme for the episode? Perhaps. The girls go to the Seventeen magazine office, and are immediately read the riot act by Miss Jay, who bitches that time is money. The other girls shoot dagger eyes at Alasia. Ann Shokat, the mag editor, is also there. The forthcoming lesson: Nothing about how time is money. Instead it”s how to dress for your body type. The girls also learn what ruching is. For the record, ruching is wonderful.

The girls are then given five minutes to — whee! — pick an outfit! Brenda finds her waist at the last minute with a wide belt. Angelea savvily choses to wear flats, which speaks directly to the Seventeen sensibility; Alasia learns that she does not have a long torso. She also doesn”t have much control of her temper. Back in the limo, Jessica calls out Alasia about making the group late; Alasia switches on her shouting equipment, much to the delight of raging bully Angelea and Krista.

Angelea keeps on saying obnoxious things to Brenda, who wonders out loud how educated Octomom is at the end of the day. Apparently Angelea went to community college. Angelea also really, really gets off on picking fights; maybe that was her major in community college.

That night, the girls go to a party thrown by Tinsley Mortimer, who, like every other reality star, is launching a new handbag line. Each girl will meet Tinsley, who will judge the contestants on their style and personality. Alasia doesn”t know how to mingle in a room and clings to Mr. Jay.

Anslee sputters a bit in her interview with Tinsley; Alasia completely dies, talking about how much she loves, like, you know, bags with colors.

Jessica is praised for her knowledge and personality. “You”re absorbing like a sponge,” Mr. Jay says. Brenda also gets high marks. Alasia, to put it mildly, does not.

The challenge winner gets to be in Seventeen with a friend. Jessica wins; because she also had the best photo last week, she gets to pick two friends to go with her — Brenda and Raina.

“I don”t want to leave the Seventeen shoot. Please don”t take me back to the drama house,” Jessica begs the camera. “It”s a nuthouse.”

Indeed, back at the house, Alasia can”t even stand hearing Raina saying “hello” to her.

Photo shoot challenge: It takes place in subway. Mr. Jay leaps out of the S train with petite cycle winner Nicole. The photographer is Mike Ruiz, who will engineer a Cover Girl shoot. The theme: New York women. Nicole is asked by Angelea and Alasia how to handle the drama in the house; they are told to be classy.

Krista is up first, channeling a classic actress on her way to an audition. Anslee is an artist; she just looks like she smells something bad. Alexandra is an Upper East Sider, which, in Alexandra world, means not breathing. Raina is a rockabilly from the East Village. She uses her hands too much.

Jessica, the “club goer,” has trouble keeping her balance on a moving train. “You”re overthinkiiiiiing,” Mr. Jay scolds.

Angelea channels fashionista, and she does it gorgeously. “This is definitely Angelea”s best shoot in this competition so far,” Mr. Jay cheers. Brenda arrives next in a student getup. She continues to have trouble in photographing too old.

Alasia comes last, as a “model on a go-see.” And only one thing shines through: her incurable immaturity. Mr. Jay shocks her by announcing that he took not a single shot that he feels comfortable bringing to Tyra. Showing even more poise, she cries.

Back at the house, Brenda announces a new found sense of peace. Which means so she is so going home. Speaking of which, it”s panel time. Guest judge: Shoket.

Raina is up first; most of her made it into the photo, except her neck. Krista”s photo is pure Cover Girl, fresh and happy. Before the judges can judge her photo, she takes heat for her tacky shoes. She is mildly shocked, a expression that stretches into an amateurish photo. Her overall reaction spurs the judges to later call her fake and combative.

Brenda”s photo also lacks pizazz; “It”s a bit Ann Taylor,” Nigel Barker quips.

Alasia, when her time times, admits her photo is weak. It”s the first mature thing she”s done all season. Anslee the Artiste brings a total surprise; a savvy photo that the judges love. The judges also like Alexandra”s interpretation of Upper East Side.

Last is Octomom. And, as predicted, it”s the best of the bunch. Her personality problems are delicately floated by the judges. “I got haters,” Angelea spins. The judges don”t seem to care either way in the end.

The callout: Octomom, Krista, Raina, Alexandra, Anslee, Jessica. Bottom two: Brenda and Alasia. Brenda got some praise for her team player attitude, but got called out for a general lack-of-desire vibe. Alasia, meanwhile, takes flak for not embracing her strength: movement. Alasia stays, of course, being the one with greater talent.

Next week? Two words: Drag queens.

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