Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Wednesday: Will we get another veto save?

07.29.10 7 years ago


Oh, boy. Another day with Matt HOH is just like bamboo under the fingernails, if you ask me, but there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel, as it”s time for the POV. The light is dim, of course, because the likelihood or Rachel or Brendon not only competing in the contest but winning is pretty slim, and the annoying “brigade” seems to have pretty much everyone under their thumbs, so if someone else wins the likelihood of Rachel or Brendon getting backdoored is pretty good. Matt may not be as smart as he thinks, but he”s clearly smart enough to be controlling the game in the short run, and that”s just a drag when there”s no one I”d like to see get a good old fashioned humbling than him.

[Full recap of Wednesday’s (July 28) “Big Brother” after the break…]
Of course, not everyone is convinced of Matt”s genius. Hayden can”t understand why Matt put up two floaters. Neither can Kathy. Matt doesn”t care. He has to do what he needs to do to win. Uh, okay. Considering Rachel and Brendon have both won HOH and Andrew and Kathy have, um, never won, I totally see his logic. Not.
Kathy tries to convince Matt she”s not gunning for him. Which, honestly, seems to be the case. But Matt”s not buying. Matt holds grudges. I”m hoping this will be Matt”s Achilles heel. That, and being a lying, dirtbag egomaniac.
Andrew is angry. Andrew is stomping around. Andrew is very upset that Rachel put peaches in the iced tea, rendering it have-not undrinkable. Andrew is making moaning noises. Andrew is a big, stinky baby. Andrew wishes Rachel would go away so he”d have Brendon to himself. I kind of wish Andrew would go away if he”s going to be such a brat about going on the block. Seriously, Andrew, you have a pretty good life to go back to, don”t act like the world is ending.
The brigade (and I refuse to capitalize the word, as it just lends this ridiculous ego stroking title legitimacy) decides that Rachel or Brendon need to be backdoored. Matt finally agrees with his buds. Although I”m surprised Enzo and company haven”t tried to waterboard Matt in one of the house toilets or something for not putting up Rachel and Brendon in the first place. I”m actually a bit surprised at how polite and patient they”re being, as Matt”s really betrayed their trust by tossing out their suggestions like so much snotty tissue paper.
The one reason no one should vote Andrew out, it seems, is because he cleans. Everything. Constantly. Actually, I”m kind of wondering if Andrew would come stay with me for a while, because I will give him all the Windex and bathtub cleanser and paper towels he wants if he”ll only get my house in order. I”ll even help him take out the trash, seriously. He may be OCD, but that”s the kind of OCD I can live with.
Time to pick the POV players! First up, Brendon. Then Lane. Then Rachel! Oh, this is too, too funny. Both Rachel AND Brendon are playing, what are the odds? Matt looks like he”s going to wet himself.
In the HOH room, Lane and Matt have to whine to each other about how they have NO luck. Weren”t these the same two guys toasting the rest of the brigade on how they get every single break in the game? Make up your minds, guys! You”re either winners or losers, pick one! Lane is so upset he must eat Pop Rocks. And they aren”t any good! Why does the universe hate him? Oh, the humanity!
Time for country fun and games with Lane! He shares his discovery that Orthodox Jews wear ninja outfits when they pray. And he announces that just because he grew up with guns in Texas doesn”t mean he wanted to knock over a bank, but sometime he might get bored and want to shoot a turtle. Shut up, Lane. I hope the next challenge involves you dressing up as a giant turtle while people pelt you with rocks.
Enzo arrives in a genie outfit to host the POV. The players also have to dress up in equally goofy outfits that make them look like the wait staff at a Persian restaurant. There are fortune cookies, eyeballs, a unicorn and lots of candles. It”s all about amounts. I”d explain the rules, but this is one of those boring POV games that the producers seem to saddle us with every season. Guess the number of eyeballs in this glass container! It”s like being trapped in the part of the carnival where nothing requires many tickets to play but you still don”t want to waste your time. Hope Brendon and Rachel are good with numbers.
Anyway, the first hamster get the best guesses for three questions wins the game. So, at least this should be mercifully short.
On the first question, everyone but Matt and Lane folds, so Matt wins the point and Lane is eliminated. One brigadier down, one to go.
For the next question, Andrew earns the point, Matt is eliminated and Rachel stays in the game. Wow, the “brains” of the brigade is gone. What could possibly happen now?
Next point, Brendon earns the point and Kathy is out.
Andrew gets the next point. He”s one point away from winning. Eeek!
Brendon gets the next point. It”s a tie between Brendon and Andrew. Rachel”s still in the game, though no points for her, as she seems to suck at counting.
Final question. And Brendon wins the point AND POV. Hysterical! Of course, I want to slug Brendon for saying the house is being taken over by Brenchel. Brendon, you are not Brad Pitt, Rachel is not Angelina Jolie and neither of you deserve a cute nickname, which would imply you”re actually famous instead of reality TV famous. Get over yourself.
But who cares, especially when Brendon”s winning the POV makes the brigade so angry and whiny! How did this go wrong, waaaaaah! The only silver lining in their bitching is that Hayden and Enzo both seem to have lost faith in the “brains” of the operation, which suggests to me the brigade”s already chosen the first member to toss under the bus when the time comes. Ah, Matt, you can pretty much say goodbye to that big paycheck right now.
Under the cover of night, or at least lights out, Andrew talks to Brendon about how he”s in an alliance with him, but he needs to convince the rest of the house otherwise. Given how Andrew seems to act like a babbling idiot at the worst of times, I suspect this is a recipe for disaster, but Brendon is all for it, as long as he can keep Andrew in the house. I really do think these two might be the lifelong friends the saboteur warned us about.  
Time for the veto meeting!
The hamsters on the block must plead with Brendon to use the POV to save them. But Kathy tells Brendon she isn”t going to ask him to use the veto on her, which is probably wise, as you know he won”t. Next, Andrew tells Brendon and Rachel he”s coming after them, because it”s a tactic that worked for Matt. Um, okay. It”s not convincing. Brendon tries to glower, but it”s all a little stagy. Andrew, be glad you”ve got your doctorate, because acting is not a career choice for you.
Unsurprisingly, Brendon decides not to use the power of veto on anyone.
As obvious and fake as Andrew”s threat against Brendon is, Rachel is convinced. I suspect Rachel believes in Santa Clause until she was in junior high and she still thinks reality TV shows aren”t scripted, even though she”s on one. Rachel is furious with Andrew, Kathy thinks he”s stupid and Brendon thinks he”s genius. Matt, however, thinks it”s crap and is sure Andrew is on team Brenchel (I swear I won”t use that again, unless it”s an irresistible punchline). So, Andrew”s only succeeded in putting a target on his back. Pack your bags, buddy, it”s time to go home. Sadly, the house will literally be a mess without you.
Do you think Andrew will be voted out? Or do you think Kathy”s going home? Do you think Matt will be kicked out of the brigade?

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