Recap: ‘Heroes’ – ‘Hysterical Blindness’

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If tonight’s episode of “Heroes” had its own super power, it would be the ability to put its audience to sleep before it was even over. Slow even by the show’s own low standards, “Hysterical Blindness” didn’t want me want to blind myself, but it certainly had me looking at the clock quite often. Wonder if Sylar could tell it was running a few seconds fast.

Let’s break things down story by story. 

[Full recap of Monday’s (Oct. 12) “Heroes” after the break…]

Filing these charts with Mom is my occupation/So feel the vibration… 

At least this week finally answered the question, “What good is a power in which you can see sound waves translated into a miniature version of the Northern Lights?” Apparently, if you get angry enough, you can charge up those lights and shoot them outwards forcefully, all Gambit-style. So, would-be villains, approach Emma the way Elmer Fudd approached Bugs Bunny and you should have no problem at all taking her out. 

Largely a shut-in in the six years since the mysterious death of someone close to her named Christopher, Emma’s basically buried herself in the filing system of her mother’s hospital, unwilling to make even the most basic of human contacts. It takes Peter Petrelli and his super speed to save her from an oncoming bus and, through his empathic powers, learn about the world of people with abilities while children sing the theme song to “The Greatest American Hero” to the elderly. Couldn’t even make that up if I tried.  

(And if you’re wondering why Peter still has super speed even after his encounter with Samuel well, um, er, hey look, something shiny! Look at the shiny thing in my hand! See? SHINY!) 

Looks like we’re getting a potential love interest for Peter, as both characters seek to unburden themselves from a life dedicated only to work and nothing else. Just as long as Peter doesn’t trap another girlfriend in an alternative future, I’ll safely call this one an improvement over his last one. For the time being, looks like he’ll have his hands full with Hiro. Looks like we know where Hiro went at the end of last week’s episode. The poor guy’s gonna have worse headaches than Charlotte Staples Lewis on the “Lost” island. 

I Google’d a girl/And I liked it… 

Having done my fair share of undergraduate theatre, I know people like Gretchen. They seem super fun at first, albeit a bit odd, and somewhere along the line you realize you’re living your very own “Single White Female.” Ah, fun times. And yes, we got some girl-on-girl smoochies this week, as promised since Comic-Con. Yawn. I’m sure she and Zach would have plenty to talk about if either she or “Heroes” remembered he once existed. But while Gretchen is an admitted stalker, she’s not a killer. The honors there go to sorority president and resident carnie, Rebecca. 

“Veronica Mars” fans will recognize Rebecca as Wallace’s Season 2 love interest. Here, she acts as Samuel’s agent on campus, seeking to isolate Claire Bennet from all those around her to drive her inexorably into “the family” of the carnival. Rebecca has the power of invisibility, but unfortunately doesn’t have the charisma of the show’s other Invisible Man, Claude. But learning she pushed Annie out the window in the volume’s first episode was the type of nice reveal the show used to pull all the time back in Season 1. 

Why Samuel wants Claire is anyone’s guess at this point. While Samuel talks of family, he’s also seeking some sort of revenge in the wake of his brother’s death. While Claire has a handy ability when it comes to self-preservation, it’s not exactly the type of power useful when waging a war. Perhaps simply separating her from her father will serve as revenge in and of itself for Samuel. Luckily for him, he managed to land a far more powerful (and currently malleable) ally in the form of Sylar.

I got my mind on my Sylar and my Sylar on my mind… 

Ah, amnesia. How I hate thee as a plot device. You’re so easy to deploy, and so easy to loathe. And yet, there you are, all up in Gabriel Gray’s brain in the wake of the shooting of “Nathan” at the hands of Angela’s best friend’s hitman. Stumbling from the grave, unaware of his surroundings, he’s a lost soul. Who ya gonna call? Why, Ernie Hudson of course: ex-Ghostbuster and current incarcerator of the Artist Formerly Known as a Compelling Villain. 

Onto the scene for the blood-soaked John Doe: Dr. Gibson, a wet-behind-the-ears criminal psychologist who seeks to unlock Gabriel’s mind. Alas, all we got was a return to Gray’s roots as a watchmaker before his identity was revealed, Gibson sent away, and Gray accidentally TK’ed Winston Zeddemore through a one-way mirror.  I assumed “Heroes” would go the Harley Quinn route with Gibson, given the show’s nominal comic roots. Between her lack of experience, general interest in the case, and her willingness to drive him away from the precinct, I sensed “acolyte.” But I’m probably reading too much into this. The fact that this idea makes me excited pretty much guarantees it won’t happen.

In any case, what was a lame cop chase turned interesting as we learned something pretty crucial about the carnival: it’s apparently cloaked. Any one of the members has the power to make an entire carnival invisible to the human eye, the carnival exists on just the left side of reality, or Samuel is a Romulan. I’m not prepared to take any definitive stances on the matter, except to say that I’ll be glad to watch two of the show’s best actors face off starting next week as Samuel tries to convert the mother of all super-powered ringers to his side for the fight to come.

After all, there’s no reason to lift the carnival’s veil and risk detection unless you were gathering strength to finally shed your secrecy once and for all, right? 

Is “Heroes” earning any “Redemption” with you so far this volume? Leave your thoughts below! 

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