Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Results – Down to 6

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So, boo, hiss, it”s Thursday. And, yes, someone is going home, and it”s sad and painful and just takes us one step closer to the end of the season. Plus, it makes Cat sad, and really, who wants that? But the good news is, we kick things off with a Broadway opening number! So, really, all is forgiven. I”m always glad to see Broadway if for no other reason than the Great White Way is probably where most of the “SYTYCD” alums are going to find regular work, so why not give them all the practice they can get? It”s a Toasty Oreo number (and yes, I know his name is Tyce Diorio, people, come on, and I don”t care if other bloggers call him Tasty, either) and all kinds of fun, have to say.

[Full recap of Thursday’s (July 15) “So You Think You Can Dance” after the break…]

Hmm, I don”t think I saw Ashley in the opening number (I”m watching on a tiny, tiny computer screen with poor resolution, so maybe someone else can say yeah or nay on this point more definitively), which makes me wonder if we”re going to be hoodwinked the way we were when Alex left the show – God knows we couldn”t possibly reveal an injured dancer is going home without torturing two other contestants into dancing for their lives.

Lauren and Kent are first on the block. I”ve been informed that Lauren”s first number wasn”t a very authentic Tahitian dance, and she really should have been wearing a grass skirt, but the good news is her boogie shoes were pretty awesome. Kent, of course, has nothing to worry about, especially now that Nigel has anointed him front runner.
Lauren, who seems to be wearing the fragments of Britney Spears” all-denim bedazzled outfit from back when she was dating Justin Timberlake, is safe, as is Kent. No surprises here.
Time for special guests! From Mary Murphy”s Champion Ballroom Academy in San Diego, we get wee Fernando and Lauren dancing to “Jailhouse Rock.” And I guess we should be impressed, because they”re kids and they”re performing in front of a huge studio audience without squeaking or bursting into tears, which probably would be age-appropriate, but the boy really needs to stop flapping his arms like a dying squab, although the cartwheels are quite impressive. Then, Cat has to burn through some more time by asking them the kinds of questions you ask precocious children, and I”m starting to wish we”d just cut to a commercial.
Adechike and Billy are next on the block. I”m guessing Billy will be in trouble, for no other reason than he”s been in the bottom so often before. At this point, it”s just really hard to find someone who”s truly weak. Except for Jose, who the judges seem incapable of really critiquing.
And yes, Billy is in the bottom three. Mia says that, ironically, he turned in his best performance on Wednesday. And she”s completely shocked he”s in the bottom.
Now it”s time for the final two – Robert and Jose. Gee, let me guess. Robert will be in the bottom three again, because he”s a talented, trained dancer who”s increasingly bringing personality to his routines and Jose sucked last night before skating through a gimme routine in his specialty, and that”s how this seems to work. Nothing against Jose, mind you, he seems like a perfectly nice guy, but I find it hard to keep giving the guy a pass when so many other dancers on the show are simply better.
The final person in danger is… going to be revealed after the break. Psyche, suckers! Seriously, though, “SYTYCD” knows how to make people throw their remotes in rage, honestly.
Robert is… safe! Amazing! Robert seems as surprised as anyone by this. Jose looks worried. Adam asks Jose how he feels about making it so far in the competition. Jose feels honored, because he always expects to be in the bottom three. Adam tells him to go compete. Interestingly, he doesn”t say the usual claptrap about how it isn”t fair he”s in the bottom three. I think the judges realize Jose has gone as far as he can or, honestly, should, which is quite a shock. While the show has clearly had hip-hop dancers and breakers in previous seasons who were able to grow by leaps and bounds through the season, tackling increasingly more challenging routines, Jose seems to have stalled. Although he does have quite a nice smile, admittedly.
Now, a dance from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Which is much better than watching two little kids flopping around the stage. And a commercial. This is a really, really long hour, isn”t it?
And now, a routine from Comfort and Twitch. They are pretty spectacular. I don”t mind special guests, really, I don”t. But I sometimes wish Fox would just cut the results episode down to a half hour, if only to keep the bottom three dancers from developing ulcers. 
Solo time!
Billy”s up first. As usual, we see those amazing lines. Of course, I feel like I”ve seen so many solos from him, they”re starting to lose their impact.
After the commercial break, it”s Jose. Doing his breaking thing. Which is impressive, and he”s churning out the tricks at breakneck speed, but I”ll be impressed when he nails contemporary or jazz during regular competition.
Christina Perri performs “Jar of Hearts.” Two weeks ago she was a waitress, but thanks to the song being used for one of Billy and Kathryn”s routines, she”s now on the Billboard charts. Somewhere, a music supervisor is smiling.
Hey, Ashley”s back. Huh. I have a sinking feeling.
Nigel tells Jose he”s shown incredible fire in his solo. He tells Billy he has to continue down the road he”s on. And then Nigel tells Ashley her doctors say she needs three to five weeks rest. I knew it! God, Lauren”s the only girl left! Poor little Ashley gets weepy, then apologizes (which Cat finds intolerable, which she should – don”t apologize for getting injured, for crying out loud!). Ashley is going home to get better. And I”m thinking the producers of the show need to either talk to the choreographers about their routines or they need to run some stress tests on the kids. Too many people are being injured. And I understand the temptation of choreographing difficult dances when you have such a talented group of dancers to work with, but this is getting ridiculous.
So, Ashley”s gone and we”re down to the final six. Barring a sudden flurry of injuries of course.
Are you sad to see Ashley go? Do you think Jose deserved to be in the bottom three? Who are you rooting for?

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