Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ – Week 4 – Eliminations

11.18.09 8 years ago


Yes, it”s Cat Deeley”s least favorite day of the week – elimination Wednesday. And I”ll admit, it”s not my favorite either, in part because the people I think should go home (Mollee, Nathan, ahem) never seem to get kicked to the curb. But hope springs eternal, as there were some pretty stinky performances (and some pretty amazing ones as well) last night, so  you”ve got to think eventually justice will reign. Right? Right?

[Full recap of Wednesday (Nov. 18) night’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” complete with results, after the break…] 

Wade Robson”s statues come to life opening routine was pretty stellar, even if the cameraman couldn”t decide between way too close and so far away I wasn”t even sure they were people and not ants.
Why is Cat dressed like a five-year-old? A slutty 5-year-old with a Bedazzler, but still. There are babydoll dresses, and then there”s actually baby dresses, and I think she must have been confused, poor thing.
Before we can get to the bloodletting, Cat has to talk to the judges. Here”s a quick synopsis. Great dancing blah blah blah got to buckle down blah blah blah very exciting blah blah blah things are really happening blah blah blah.
Ashleigh and Jakob are… safe. Of course. If they hadn”t been, I would have doubted the whole point of this competition.
Karen and Kevin are… in danger. This is no surprise, really, even though I think they”re great dancers. Adam says they”re two of the most poised and elegant dancers on the show. Bring your A game, blah blah blah. If you”ve seen one elimination episode, you”ve seen them all.
Ellenore and Ryan are… safe. No big surprise here. They benefitted from some great choreography if you ask me, but it was well executed, so no complaints.
Noelle and Russell are… safe? God, watching that damn foxtrot was like watching paint dry. I guess viewers got behind the judges, or they just really like Russell”s hair, I have no idea. But I”m not sorry these two made it through, as their routine was really the problem if you ask me.
Channing and Victor are…in danger. I blame freakin” Bobby McFerrin. Mary says the audience may not be connecting with them emotionally, to which I say, sorta hard to connect emotionally to a couple pretending to be stinking birds forced to dance to a song that sounds like it”s being sung by a stapler. Sorry, Toasty Oreo, I usually love you to pieces, but I think you screwed Channing and Victor this week.
Mollee and Nathan are… in danger! Wha? Yay! Dream team my ass, by the way. Just seeing them standing next to Kathryn and Legacy and remembering how incredible their routine was just made it all the more clear to me that Mollee and Nathan are completely out of their league. I am so impressed with the voters right now!   
Nigel wonders if their being in the bottom is punishment for their hideous salsa, because he doesn”t think they deserve to be in the bottom this week. Nigel must be getting sappy in his old age, because I can”t think of one couple who deserved to be in the bottom more. Okay, Karen and Kevin, but if you compare these couples week over week, well, Nathan and Mollee still suck more.
Kathryn and Legacy are… safe! Even though I was braced for Mollee and Nathan to be safe, it”s still a huge relief that the best performance of the night is rewarded.
Then, it”s a Bollywood dance, which is very colorful and bouncy and needs a really crazy movie set and a cast of thousands to really deliver, if you ask me.
Then, it”s time for solos.
Karen finds her inner biker chick and dances to The Doors wearing leggings and tall boots. I”m not sure about this at all. She”s hot, per usual, but in a way I might expect to see at a bar at 2:00 a.m.
This is all kinds of good until Kevin starts throwing himself on the floor like a spastic rag doll.
Channing”s trying to do too much here, but you can see she”s got a hella lotta skills. She shows a little bit of personality, too, which I think will be important for the judges.
I think this is really a pretty great solo. Victor does some remarkable turns and shows off some his pirouettes, which are gorgeous.
This looks like a cheerleading tryout.
Poor Nathan has to follow Victor, whose turns were scissor sharp. Nathan, not so much. He is cute, I get it, but he”s just not there yet.
And then we get a performance from Orinathi, whose claim to fame is being the guitarist who was supposed to go on tour with Michael Jackson before he died. And, given how lame this performance and song are, pretty much sure that”s going to stay her claim to fame.
And now, the big decision. First up, the girls.
Mollee is… safe? WTF? Because she did a cheerleading routine? AAARGH!
Karen is… in and Channing is… out. Nigel says she seemed more like a teacher than a performer, and Karen is a star they need to keep, or some such crap. I can”t believe they”re keeping MOLLEE! Channing was getting better each week, while Mollee flatlined. Channing gets a little choked up but mostly holds it together, poor thing. I hope she goes backstage and pokes a hole in Mollee”s leggings.
Time for the boys. Nigel tells Nathan he”s proved he has ability. And they”re keeping HIM TOO. WTF? Unbelievable!
Victor is… safe and Kevin is… out. Seriously? Kevin was infinitely more watchable than Nathan. He was great with Karen. I am SO horrified right now.
So, after the voters plopped Mollee and Nathan into the bottom three, the judges let me down by not lowering the boom on their marginal asses.  C”mon, people, what are they putting in the Kool-Aid on the set there? Is this because they need to keep the teen magnets on the show until the top 10 to sell tickets to the live show? Whatever. I”m gonna go watch “Glee.”
Do you think Mollee and Nathan deserved to stay in the competition (please say no)? Why do you think Kevin and Channing got the boot? Who”s your favorite to win it all?

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