‘Repo Men’ actress reveals more details on ‘Predators’ remake

03.10.10 8 years ago

AP Photo

According to Alice Braga, there’s going to be “a lot different” about the forthcoming remake of “Predators” compared to it’s predecessor.

Exactly what in the plot that will eschew the original cult-action film, she couldn’t reveal without raising the ire of producers, but she warned that the famous monsters are “really scary. They scared me all the time on the set.”

Lensing for “Predators,” due this summer, just wrapped last week, and Braga can’t wait to see what magic happens in post-production to the landscapes shot Hawaii.

“The DPs had a specific vision… it’s really beautiful,” Braga told HitFix in New York. She said that she was glad that the filmmakers “took a long time between” the remakes, to let the story take on a new life of it’s own — though she was tight-lipped as to whether or not original “Predator” star Arnold Schwarzenegger would be making a cameo.

Braga, who could also be seen in films from “City of God” to “I Am Legend,” spoke as part of promoting “Repo Men,” a film in which she plays a similarly tough gun-toting lady. That film is comes out in theaters on March 19, starring Forest Whitaker and Jude Law.

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