Report: ‘Melrose Place’ dropping two residents

10.22.09 8 years ago

The CW

“Melrose Place” is reportedly dropping two of its residents for the last third of its season. One of them is obviously featured in the picture accompanying this story, but if you don’t want to know the other, for the love of all that’s holy, stop reading!
You were warned.
According to Michael Ausiello, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield are departing the viewer-starved CW series, which just received a pick-up for five additional episodes.
How are Violet and Auggie leaving the show? Well, Ausiello doesn’t come out and spoil, but he says that the “Who Killed Sydney?” murder mystery will be resolved in Episode 12, while fans have heard rumors that there’s another murder on the way. So our hunch is that one character will leave in a body bag and the other will leave in handcuffs.
We know which permutation we’ll be rooting for!
Ausiello also reports that the home stretch of the first season will introduce new characters and “take on a lighter, more fun vibe.”

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