REVIEW: David Guetta/Kelly Rowland’s video for “When Love Takes Over”

06.05.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Summer doesn’t officially start for another two weeks or so, but “When Love Takes Over,” by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland, is already shaping up to be the season’s first anthem.

Already a hit in Europe (where Guetta is well known as a top DJ), the song has been working its way across the Atlantic, gathering strength as it rolls upon our shores. It has also been collecting steam in the dance community since its introduction at the Winter Music Conference in late March and is now No. 1 on the Dance Charts.

Today, the official video for “When Love Takes Over” was released and, in keeping with the summer feel, it takes place at Venice Beach, Calif., incorporating many of the street performers and characters who help make Venice such a popular place to visit.

Rowland is fierce throughout and it clearly experiencing a bit of a career resurgence after a dip. She gives her best Beyonce-type stares straight into the camera (but we’re sure that’s just a coincidence). It’s almost as if she’s putting her former Destiny’s Child bandmate on warning: “Move over: There’s room for more than one diva on the top of the charts, sister.”

Guetta, who is relegated to a supporting role in his own video,  shows up pushing his gear on a cart, looking basically like any other homeless guy hanging out in Venice. Little do people know he’s actually the musical Merlin who’s about to transform their routine day at the beach into the hottest ocean-side party they’ve ever seen with magically-appearing, scantily-clad dancers imported from some Pacific island.

This is a clip meant for the mainstream fans, not those folks ahead of the curve who first heard the song at Winter Music Conference or who have been watching fan-captured video on youtube. In reaching for the broadest base, director Jonas Akerlund has stripped something away from the song. The video could have built on the great beat that builds within the song and the feeling of abandon that falling in love can bring you, but, instead, we get a telegenic couple making out who seem to drop in from nowhere.

There’s a grainy, fan-shot clip on Youtube of Guetta and Rowland performing the song before rabid fans in Goteberg, Sweden that captures the energy and spirit so much better than this gorgeous, but hollow-feeling video. Granted, the fan clip isn’t high enough quality to use, but it’s that kind of energy that the video should have strived for instead of giving us a very nice, albeit, somewhat bland travelogue of Venice Beach that could have been made by the tourist bureau.

On a side note, do the opening and closing keyboard lines sound like “Clocks” by Coldplay to anyone else but me? (Maybe Chris Martin will get to sue someone else instead of getting sued himself for “Viva La Vida”)

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