Ryan Reynolds get his super hero franchise with ‘Deadpool’

05.06.09 9 years ago

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

After years of speculation and endless questions about the no brainer casting of Ryan Reynolds as the super-speedster The Flash, the Canadian actor can breathe easy.  The former “Blade Trinity” star is finally getting his own superhero franchise, but he won’t be wearing the scarlet and gold.  Instead, sources at Fox have indicated that Reynolds will be appearing in a solo “Deadpool” feature film.

Reynolds originated the character in this past weekend’s box office champ, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” which opened to an impressive $87 million.  A popular Marvel Comics character in his own right (and currently starring in a solo series), Deadpool is a  wisecracking, kick-ass mercenary with mutant healing powers that rival Wolverine’s.  In fact, while he appeared dead at the official end of “Wolverine,” the studio brought Reynolds back last month to shoot one of two easter eggs at the end of the picture that show Deadpool far from finished.

Lauren Shuler Donner, the longtime mutant den mother at Fox, and Marvel Studios will produce the feature which is currently out to screenwriters.  It’s unclear how soon “Deadpool” can begin production or whether it will  beat a similarly in development “Wolverine” sequel to theaters.  As for Reynolds starring as The Flash, that may be the only truly dead news to report.

Reynolds will display his more familiar comedic talents alongside Sandra Bullock in next month’s rom com “The Proposal.”

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