Sarah McLachlan’s first new album in seven years slated for June 15

03.18.10 8 years ago

 Sarah McLachlan”s first album of new material in seven years will come out on June 15. And it looks like she has a little tour called Lilith 2010 coming around to help promote it.

In fact, when fans pre-order McLachlan”s album, “The Laws of Illusion,” from her website (, they are also offered the option to buy two tickets to Lilith Fair before they are available elsewhere.
Bundling tickets with pre-orders of a new CD isn”t new: Prince offered gave away his CD to fans who bought tickets to his shows several years ago and Bon Jovi has done a similar tie in as well.
McLachlan recorded “The Laws of Illusion” in Montreal and Vancouver with her longtime collaborator Pierre Marchand.

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