SDCC 2009: ‘Avatar’, Burton’s ‘Wonderland,’ Gilliam, and ‘Tron’

07.23.09 8 years ago

20th Century Fox

God, I’m dying time-wise, but San Diego is amazing so far.

Yes, “Avatar” is awesome.  I’ve heard contrarians so far, and we’ll get into that tonight.

Yes, my interview with Terry Gilliam is the best interview I’ve ever done, and you’ll read the whole thing SOON.

Yes, Burton’s “Wonderland” is gorgeous and strange, and yes, 5000 people seemed to explode at the same time as Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance on the panel.

Yes, “Tron: Legacy” looks cool and gigantic.

And, yes, I’ll have details on all of this and more later tonight.  I hate not being able to share details yet, but if I don’t walk out the door five minutes ago, I’m not seeing “District 9,” and then I won’t be able to talk to…

…. well, you’ll see.  I’ll be back tonight with full reports on everything above and even more insane coolness.  Comic-Con never stops, it seems, and so I guess for the next four days, neither do I.

Talk to you soon.

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