Six new ‘Star Trek’ clips: will they convince you to go?

05.03.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

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Almost 18 months after it began production, the hype is at a fever pitch and the brand new “Star Trek” is finally ready for its debut.  You have probably seen the franchise’s new stars, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana, on red carpets all over the world, but how about seeing them in context with some sneaks from the picture itself?  To satisfy your “Trek” cravings, we have six new clips from the movie for your viewing pleasure.

Many potential moviegoers may think J.J. Abrams’ reboot is still “your father’s ‘Star Trek,'” but these sneaks might change your mind.  Of course, you may just need an overwhelming chorus of positive reviews and, trust us, those are coming too.

In the meantime, enjoy this taste of the early days of Kirk, Spock and Uhura as they boldly go where no “Trek” has gone before. 

After you check out the video clips, share your thoughts below: are you making “Trek” a priority for next weekend or are you still on the fence?

“Star Trek” – Answer me
Spock needs some information from Kirk and Scotty and boy does he need it now.

“Star Trek”  – Kirk meets Uhura
Kirk, a brash, ladies man?  It seems some things never change.

“Star Trek”  – Enlist in Starfleet
Kirk gets the guilt trip from Pike about entering Starfleet.

“Star Trek” – What Gives You The Right
Nero (Eric Bana) is lost in time and this Starfleet Captain is going to pay for providing the bad news.

“Star Trek”  – Kirk meets McCoy
A nice taste of the excellent chemistry Pine and Karl Urban recreate for Kirk and his good buddy, Dr. McCoy

“Star Trek”  – Space jump
How soon can they get this ride into a Paramount Park? 

“Star Trek”  opens nationwide and on IMAX May 8.

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