So where the heck is Drew?

07.29.09 8 years ago

Oni Press

We’re almost back to normal, folks.

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Toronto right now, and in six hours, I’ll be taking a car to the airport so that I can catch my 8:30 AM flight back to Los Angeles, where I’ll finally be able to sit down and jam through all of the work I’ve got backed up.

“Wait,” you say, “what are you doing in Toronto?  I thought you were at Comic-Con.”  Well, I was.  And I drove my family home from San Diego on Sunday, had just enough time to unpack, do some laundry, repack, and head to the airport so I could come here to visit the set of Edgar Wright’s adaptation of “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.”  We wrapped that up a few hours ago and then grabbed some dinner.  I still feel like I haven’t really slept right since last Wednesday, so things are about as weird as they get right now.

Right now, I’m trying to finish my “Inglourious Basterds” review before I head to the airport.  Then tomorrow, I have to work my way through a whole stack of stuff, including reviews of “In The Loop,” “Thirst,” “The Goods,” and “Funny People,” as well as more Comic-Con reports on things like “Tron: Legacy,” “Sherlock Holmes,” the Disney animation panel, and interviews with Terry Gilliam and Hayao Miyazaki.

So, yeah… I plan to stay busy for a while.

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And all of that is in addition to the return of the Morning Read, the conclusion of my “Star Trek” articles with Toshi (who never wanted Comic-Con to end), and all sorts of other great things I can’t tell you about until next week.

I guess the good news is that there’s all this amazing content right around the corner for all of us.

The bad news is that I actually have to find time to write it all.

I may have a heap of fun doing this stuff, folks, but believe me… I pay for it in the end.  And I’m willing to do it for you guys.

More coming soon…

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