Song(s) Of The Day: Download two new Wolf Parade tracks

05.03.10 8 years ago

Wolf Parade are back — all together — for the first time since 2008’s “At Mount Zoomer,” and are trying to bend their sound back to a more fun, warmer mount, apparently.

Two songs were released by Sub Pop today, culled from the forthcoming “86 Expo,” due June 29. “What Did My Lover Say?” has a hulking, moody rhythm section playing under the dramatic vocal declarations, with hard-working, high-end synths trying to overpower the darkness. Dare I say it reminds me of latter day Modest Mouse (hell, Isaac Brock helped get them signed, afterall) and Franz Ferdinand’s drummer?

Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner trade places for lead vocal on “Ghost Pressure,” which, too, features the glitzy keyboard lines and an aggravated sense of night. Wait on that doozy of a chorus — and wait even longer, too, for inevitable remixes on this particular track. That dance beat is too good to leave alone.

The Montreal band worked with Howard Bilerman on this full-length, their third, relying more heavily on analog recording and less so in the box. The result seems to have more happy accidents so far, but I look more forward to a variety of sounds in the full “86 Expo” set — if there are any. If it does end up samey-samey, at least it’ll be a good time.

While taking a break from Wolf Parade duties in the last couple years, Boeckner’s been making music with his wife in Handsome Furs, while Krug got busy with Swan Lake and continued with his own solo project Sunset Rubdown

[Listen to the tracks after the jump…]

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