Taylor Lautner drops one toy for another in ditching ‘Max Steel’

02.26.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

It seemed as though Taylor Lautner would be able to play with both Hasbro and Mattel toys, but like blue and red states they just won’t mix.

One of the hottest commodities in town after “New Moon,” Lautner initially committed to star in Paramount Pictures and Mattel’s big screen launch of “Max Steel.”  The movie would tell the tale of an orphan who is exposed to nano-technology giving him superhero powers. 

A few weeks later, Hasbro and Universal Pictures approached Lautner about starring in it’s contemporary reboot of “Stretch Armstrong.”  It appeared Lautner could make both films work into his schedule, but according to NYMag, he became increasingly convinced the Mattel movie wouldn’t make it to theaters.  While Hasbro has had success with the “Transformers” and “GI Joe” franchises, Mattel hasn’t been able to get anything out of development.

So, even though a 5-year-old could tell you the concept of “Steel” is much cooler than “Armstrong,” Lautner seems committed to make that his next potential franchise.  How quickly “Armstrong” can get before cameras remains to be seen.  The studio has reportedly spoken to “Monsters Vs. Aliens” helmer Rob Letterman about directing “Armstrong,” but the project may have to wait until after Lautner’s commitment to the “Breaking Dawn” installments of “The Twilight Saga.”

Lautner has also committed to at least produce the thriller “Abduction” at Lionsgate.  That film could, in theory, find enough time to shoot before “Dawn” begins.

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