Taylor Swift sets record for longest run on Billboard 200 this decade

11.02.09 8 years ago

AP Photo

Taylor Swift just keeps setting records, and she”s only released two studio albums. Her first self-titled set, originally put out in 2006, has set a record on the Billboard Top 200 for the most time logged on the album chart this decade. With only nine weeks left, no one”s likely to break her record, right?
“Taylor Swift” has spent 157 weeks on the Billboard Top 200, eclipsing the record set by Nickelback.
Her label”s hype machine states that she has the longest-charting album of the century, which is, of course, technically true, but why don”t we wait until we get until 2050 or so before we start throwing those kind of terms around… the stat is impressive enough as it is.
Swift”s second studio album, “Fearless,” continues to get a jolt on the chart from the release of “Fearless Platinum Edition” CD/DVD as the album soars back up the chart this week.  
The title will no doubt get another boost after this Saturday when Swift both hosts and performs on ”Saturday Night Live.”  

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