Terrence Howard joining ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ cast

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Although it’s always been said that the star of the “Law & Order” franchise is the franchise itself, the newest “Law & Order” incarnation is assembling an impressively star-studded cast.
Oscar nominee Terrence Howard is the latest addition to the cast of “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” joining an ensemble that includes Alfred Molina and Skeet Ulrich. Also joining the cast is Corey Stoll.
Howard will play a district attorney on the spinoff, sharing the position with Molina. The two will appear in alternating episodes in a manner similar to the way Chris Noth and then Jeff Goldblum rotated with Vincent D’Onofrio on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”
“I’m not paying Alfred and Terrence to be secondary actors,” Wolf told reporters at Friday’s (July 30) Television Critics Association press tour event, comparing “Law & Order: Los Angeles” to the 1961 New York Yankees (in terms of its star-studded nature).
Wolf added, “I have my Mantle and Maris.”
“They’re the Jack McCoys. The prosecutors. They’re the ones who are going to be leading the cases,” series executive producer said of the DA characters, comparing them to the Sam Waterson character on the mothership.
In a statement, NBC Entertainment President Angela Bromstad says, “Having Terrence and Corey on board this ambitious new series adds to an already impeccable cast. We are excited to see this series continue in a new locale in Los Angeles that will add infinite story possibilities.” 
An Oscar nominee for “Hustle & Flow,” Howard’s other credits include “Iron Man,” “Crash” and TV projects like “Lackawanna Blues” and “King of the World.”
Stoll, who will play the detective partnered with Ulrich’s character, can currently be seen in “Salt.”
“Law & Order: Los Angeles” will premiere on September 29, one week later than previously announced.

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