Hitfix Interview: Jason Mraz talks blessings, avocados and new music

05.04.10 7 years ago

Even though it came out two years ago, Jason Mraz”s “I”m Yours” remains affixed to many adult contemporary radio stations like the sticky glue. And Mraz wouldn”t have it any other way.

“It”s a blessing,” he tells Hitfix of the long-lasting popularity of “I”m Yours,” which was named ASCAP”s song of the year last month.  “Damn straight. When I first wrote it, I thought it was a nursery rhyme or something in that genre. As time went by, I realized we never really forget our nursery rhymes and I realized it had that staying power, there”s something simple about it.”

In fact, when Mraz hears it now himself on the radio, he says he”s “surprised at how simple it is. There”s not a whole lot going on, it”s muted guitar, vocal and drum beat. It”s not until the end when all the voices come in that it”s like, ‘oh wow, people have really joined this parade of whatever was going on”.”
And now, Mraz is ready to draw more marchers in his parade. He is working on the follow-up to “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things,” his third studio album, which featured the Grammy-nominated  “I”m Yours.” But even the creator has yet to know what shape the project will take.

“At the moment, it”s still a great big block of cement and we”re just starting to chip away at it to see what the sculpture”s going to look like,” Mraz tells Hitfix. Right now, he has “a big stack of songs” that he and producer Martin Terefe are beginning to whittle down.  “Now it”s on to the process of recording and listening and seeing what the album is in that,” Mraz says.

But Mraz isn”t just a platinum-plus musician. He”s also a gentleman farmer. He lives on an avocado farm that is about to turn organic thanks to Mraz and his neighbors. “The  grove company has been [harvesting the groves],  but we”re about to take over because we noticed over the past few years the helicopter would come by and spray the area and we”re done with that. So we”re kind of taking control and it”s been a lot of fun.”  He”ll be including guacamole with each  new album.

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