The international ‘Predators’ trailer will yank out your spine

06.24.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

20th Century Fox

Fox hasn’t screened “Predators” for anyone yet, which is a little scary since we’re pretty close to release.

Still, they’ve been focused on “Knight and Day,” and now they can turn their attention to selling this latest installment in the franchise that is responsible or one of the last of the great old-school movie monsters.  I’m sure they’ll screen it soon, and once they do, I’m dying to hear how people react.

You know what I want from “Predators”?

I want them to deliver on the premise they’ve established.  I want them to make a great ride about a bunch of dangerous crazy Earth killers who realize they’re being hunted for sport by Predators.  I want it bloody.  I want it rough.  I want a monster movie.  And I want to have some fun.

And I’ll be damned if that’s not what it looks like we’re about to get.

I hope so, anyway.  This new international trailer seems to get everything right.  It’s loaded with memorable images and it’s got a good cast, and more than anything, it really feels like a “Predator” movie in all of this footage.

This is an international trailer, and it is unrated, so it might not be appropriate for every workplace, especially if they have a policy specifically against images of alien creatures ripping out human spines.  Please keep that in mind before you press play.

But for anyone whose boss doesn’t mind if you have some awesome with your coffee this morning, new “Predators” trailer it is:

What blows me away is how much it looks like Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal got everything right, and how hard that’s been for everyone to do on the last few bigscreen appearances of the Predators.  Thank god these guys are in charge now.

Let’s hope the film lives up to this very, very cool trailer now.  We’ll see when “Predators” opens on July 9.

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