The Morning Read (1.09.09)

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Friday?  Already?

Well, it’s been a busy first week of the year here at HitFix, and thanks to the oh-so-chatty Lloyd Levin, we had a lot of new eyes on us yesterday.  Hopefully some of you hung around, checked out some other stories, and decided to come back today.  Even if it’s just one of you, welcome aboard, and here’s hoping this is just the start of you making HitFix part of your daily habit.

It’s so weird to think Quint’s done with AMAD, his column that’s been running for the past 7 months.  215 movies, without a missed day.  That’s crazy.  When he started “A Movie A Day,” I don’t think he had any idea what sort of effort he’d pour into it, and I find that my already-prodigious respect for Quint quadrupled as he not only stuck to an impossible schedule, but he actually grew.  Visibly.  Each day he did this, he beame a better film critic.  He’s sharpening himself up, and I think now he’s hooked on the habit, and I expect he’ll keep this up privately even if he doesn’t write everything up.

Hey! Look! A poster for “Transformers 2”!

Nothing can strip all the funny out of a comedy premise like having it boiled down to tabloid headlines, but there are some promising tidbits in the story The Sun is running today about Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film “Bruno.”  I love the idea of Bruno and his partner adopting an African orphan named David so they can be more like Madonna.  I’m less enthused about Jesus jokes, but not because I’m offended.  I just think it’s the sort of thing that is only shocking to some gramma in a mall somewhere at this point.  Didn’t Steve Coogan just do the whole “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” thing last year?

You what this isn’t?  A website about “Ghostbusters 3.”  I’m not sure what it actually is, but it’s not for G3, which is not shooting yet, and which may not even happen.  Even so, people are running this as if it really has something to do with the movie.  Guys… it’s viral video for something, but it’s not spy footage, it’s not for G3, and I’m willing to bet it’s not for “Cloverfield 2,” either.

Giant robots make everything better.

Variety says Peter Weir is working again.  Yay!

Ummmm… am I on drugs?

Vern reviewed “Babylon A.D.” this week on his own “websight,” and surprisingly, he sort of liked it.

It’s a light day out there, so let’s get started on the weekend.  Me, I’m waiting for my new HDTV to arrive for the office so I can dig into this stack of BluRays sitting here.  It’s hard to watch an R-rated film when the kids are awake unless I can do it in the office, and until now, that hasn’t been an option.  And I promise I won’t use it for “Fallout 3” at all.  Much.

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