The Morning Read (12.29.08)

12.29.08 9 years ago

Oh, it’s slooooooooooooooow out there right now.

Makes sense, of course.  The year’s over for most people, and everyone n town’s looking forward to Sundance.  As a result, there’s not a lot of new material out there aside from year end lists, which you can find everywhere.

Over at Ain’t It Cool, Vern wrote what may be his very first script review ever, and it makes perfect sense.  Stallone’s “The Expendables” is gearing up to shoot soon, and Vern’s got a ton of details about what we might expect from it when it’s released.

“This is a movie where a team of 5 can take on an army of 100, where armed men still sometimes engage in martial arts and fisticuffs, where many, many things blow up, where occasionally a character might have something sarcastic to say during combat. In other words, a good old fashioned action movie. An endangered species.”

Quint’s been busting ass, as normal, with his AMAD column.  He recently announced that the column’s coming to an end soon, which is a bummer, but in the meantime, he did a Daryl Duke double-feature of “The Silent Partner” and “Payday.”  Glad to see he liked one, sorry to see he didn’t like the other.  I love both those underseen little films.

One of my favorite sites is The Art Of The Title, which is all about opening and closing title sequences in movies.  Their latest entry is about “Edward Scissorhands,” and it’s stunning.

“There’s a sophisticated fairy tale for you.”

Devin Faraci on CHUD?  Totally insane.  Nice guy, but he’s obviously cracked.  He just embarked on a quest to review every episode of “Star Trek: The Original Series” and all seven films with the original cast, all before the new JJ Abrams take on the property hits theaters in May.  That’s a crazy amount of writing on top of all his other obligations, but Devin’s inner Trekkie seems to be ready for the challenge.

His intro is up already, as is his first review.  If you click either of those links, just know one thing:  you are a nerd.  I clicked both.

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