The Morning Read (3.09.09) Free screenings and geek dads

03.09.09 8 years ago

I’ll be honest… it’s looking pretty bleak out there this morning.  I’m not sure how much of a Morning Read it’s going to be if there’s nothing to read.  We’ll see…

If I wasn’t going to be on a plane on my way to Austin on Thursday, I’d totally want to see a free screening of “The Hangover.”  If you go, e-mail me and tell me how it was.  That trailer is sort of hilarious, and that photo with Zach and the baby… pure win.

Or maybe if you’re in LA, you’d rather get an early look at “Mystery Team,” the Sundance hit from Derrick Comedy.  I’ve reviewed the film, and I highly recommend you attend the screening of the film on Tuesday night.  It’s a great theater, and I have a feeling this is going to be a film that blows up when audiences finally get a look at it.  Here’s your chance to be on the front end of that conversation.  And in the meantime, you should watch the interview with most of Derrick Comedy (Donald Glover was off “working” at his “job”) over at The Comic’s Comic.  In no small part because producer Meggie McFadden is so adorable it’ll light up your Monday morning.  Seriously.  She’s a pixie, that one.

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I find it hard to believe it’s been ten years since Stanley Kubrick passed away.  I watched “A Clockwork Orange” on BluRay over the weekend as my own private remembrance, and it’s amazing how small visual details I’ve never seen assert themselves when watching these familiar titles on BluRay.  Ray Pride put together a small remembrance of Kubrick and links to other people doing the same.  Worth a few moments as you think of this fallen titan.

And since I am going to SXSW, I’m going to need to figure out what’s worth seeing at the festival.  Thankfully, better-prepared folks like Kim Voynar have already started to sort that out.

This makes me laugh.  I am almost embarrassed how much it makes me laugh, but then I look at it again and COME ON! LOOK WHERE THEY PUT THAT NOZZLE! YOU CANNOT TELL ME THAT IS AN ACCIDENT!  All I’m saying is someone’s a genius.

And speaking of genius, this website is a great way to spend some wasted time, and I hope it just keeps getting bigger and better.  I love the idea, and I think it’s about time people start recognizing the unsung genius of all things Cannon.

There are a lot of lists out there every day, and most of them are pretty shallow as far as anything worth reading.  But this piece about movies about animals is actually a pretty great read, and I agree with his choices.  Especially “The Black Stallion.”

It’s hard out there for a pimp.  Worth reading if you are crazy enough to want to make a living as a writer in this business.

I like Geekdad over at the Wired Blogs.  I like that they review classic films that they are re-examining with an eye on when they are appropriate to share with our kids.  Like “Ferris Bueller.”  And there are various schools of thought, obviously.  Harry Knowles, for example, just laughs at me, convinced that it is crazy to ever make any material age-appropriate.  Evidently, he’s been screening “Rabid” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” for his nephew since the day they brought him home from the hospital.  I’m funny about what I will or won’t let Toshi watch.  I’m very aware of his soft spots, the things that weird him out on film.  And anything potentially difficult, I try to watch with him so that he can talk about his reaction.

And speaking of Ain’t It Cool, Quint’s got a new edition of his far-less-frequent A Movie A Day column (now called “Quint’s Watching,” since it’s not every day) where he takes a look at “Peeping Tom.”  I’m glad to see him dive into some Michael Powell.  I just finally saw “A Matter of Life Or Death” for the first time last week, and I loved it.  I’m watching “Age Of Consent” this week, and I can’t wait.  Also, Yoko’s got a new edition of her music column.

Jerry Beck put up another of those depraved Paramount cartoons, this one called “The Plot Sickens,” and I love that he digs up these shorts that I would otherwise never know existed.

And finally, Time Out New York has a new film blog called The Frame Up.  Their BluRay critic asks a question in a recent piece that’s a fair one, and one that studios are no doubt asking internally as well:  at what point do people reach the point of fatigue on repurchasing their movies?

Sorry it’s such a short Morning Read today.  Slow weekend, I guess.  I’ve got a set visit article (the first of three) going up at Ain’t It Cool in just a few, that appearance on G4’s “Attack Of The Show” this afternoon, and more stuff to finish for you guys, so I guess it’s not such a bad thing that there’s not more out there to read.  See you back here tomorrow.

The Morning Read appears here every day, Monday through Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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