Today’s Shocker: Amy Winehouse pulls out of Coachella

03.09.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/Joel Ryan

Here’s one you didn’t need a psychic to predict: Amy Winehouse has pulled out of her Coachella appearance. I guess folks should be grateful she did so with a few weeks’ notice as opposed to just not showing up for the April 17-19 festival

According to the Associated Press ,  Winehouse is scheduled to appear in court next week  in London for her assault charge for allegedly attacking someone at a party last September.

The AP speculates that this would cause all kinds of visa issues for Winehouse if she tries to come into the U.S.  and points out that she couldn’t get a visa to attend the Grammys last year. Eventually, the U.S. government decided to let her in, but it was too late by then.  We imagine that this fresh legal trouble will not endear her to the U.S. authorities.  Similarly, Lily Allen could not get a work visa to come into the U.S.  in 2007 after she was charged with assaulting a photographer. She has subsequently been granted a visa, as we’re sure will happen with Winehouse.

By the way, she’s already been erased off the Coachella line-up on… as if she were never slated to appear there at all.

Find out about more the Coachella line up featuring Paul McCartney and Morrissey on day one.

The Killers now lead the Coachella line up for day two.

Public Enemy and The Cure close out the weekend on day three.

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