Watch: Adam Lambert’s video for ‘Time for Miracles’ from ‘2012’

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Adam Lambert”s video for “Time for Miracles,” from the forthcoming disaster flick “2012,” utilizes one of our favorite music clip tropes: the world is literally collapsing around Lambert, and yet he walks on, unobservant, obsessed only, in this case, on not “giving up on us.” 
As it goes into the second verse, people are rushing past him, trying to escape Armageddon and our boy is totally unfazed he is so single-mindedly focused on finding his way back to his loved one. How do I get me a boy like that? As he warbles “Maybe it”s time for miracles,” one would think he might mean saving the planet from utter destruction, but that wouldn”t be the case. His rescue plan only seats two.
Or it could simply be that he never looks back to see at the catastrophic drama playing out behind him on the blue screen.  There is no video plot other than the doom and gloom footage for “2012,” but really, how could there be as he”s the only person in the galaxy not running for his life. Seemingly any other plot would appear secondary, at best. Another question: where exactly are these folks running to since the whole world is imploding. That limits one”s escape routes.
Lambert, who retains his Elvis, jet-black coif from his “American Idol” days but lays off the eye-liner, lip syncs perfectly here, but we”re a little worried about his powers of observation.

Time For Miracles

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