Watch: Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell face off in ‘Megamind’

10.26.10 7 years ago

Dreamworks Animation

It’s hard to picture Will Ferrell’s voice coming out of anything else than Will Ferrell. I’ll admit I wasn’t completely on board for the concept when I first heard of it. These five clips released this week from Paramount give a better taste of his voice talents than the snippets heard in the commercials. I’m warming up to the idea.

We’re treated to extended scenes with Jonah Hill, who plays someone named ‘Tighten,’ who is trying to woo Roxanne in a hilarious send-up of the classic scene from “Superman.” Hill is another offbeat choice for a superhero/villain voice, but one that just might work as well. Brad Pitt’s Metro Man appears in two scenes, and his timing with Ferrell appears pretty on target.

What most impressed, however is the quality of the animation. It’s slick and highly detailed, with a cool hue that’s appropriate for a blue main character/antihero. The scene in which the skyscraper is hurled at him (What’s the plan) is pretty impressive as is the sound design. Kudos to the folks at Dreamworks Animation if this entire work pulls together as a whole as it looks like it might.

Enjoy the clips embedded below, “Megamind” opens in theaters November 5th

Crash the party

You’re both pretty

What’s the plan?

Save you a few times

We meet again

Bad Idea

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